What’s next for Nico Archambault

We got the chance to chat with Nico Archambault about what drew him to dance, and his earlier experiences, and with that we had to find out, what’s next? From appearances on YTV’s latest show The Next Star: SuperGroup, to CBC’s Online web series Quart de Vie and even a leading role in a performance art short film, Stagnant Pool, Nico definitely has a lot of exciting projects coming up!

What’s next for Nico?
Hopefully; lot’s more! What I would like is for more occasions to collaborate with talented, innovative individuals on projects that would rethink the boundaries of film, stage, arts, dance, fashion and multimedia. More chances to curate the talents involved in collaborative an creative endeavours. And more chances to have a good time doing what I do for a living!

In the meantime, I will be at the Festival de Cannes in May, to present Stagnant Pool. I am working alongside my wife on producing and choreographing a short performance/fashion video involving dance and floral art. We will choreograph a music video for Canadian singer-songwriter Kandle and I am putting the final touch on the synopsis of a short film of my own, which should enter production within the next year. I’ll keep you posted!

Tell me about your involvement in YTV’s SuperGroup? What was it like to coach to these up and comers?

Choreographer is my official title, but I try to make it much more than just about the steps. Yes, I create the choreographies and I teach these kids the basics of dance. But I also get to meet them at a very special moment of their lives and possible careers. Knowing this, I try to teach them everything that I know in order for them to make the most out of this experience; how to behave professionally and build a strong professional ethic, how to stand on stage and present their better self, how to work the cameras, how to interact with a live audience, how to recognize their own strengths or flaws, embrace them and build on it, etc. Having myself experienced a similar opportunity, I am in a rare position to help them see through the cloud of glamour and recognize the true value of their time on this show. It’s a great honour to get to play this role!

Your leading role in Stagnant Pool shows another side of your creativity. How did you get involved with the film, and what did you enjoy most about making it?

An increasingly significant part of my work exists away from the public’s attention. I have always aimed at maintaining different outlets for my creativity. It’s a big part of why I appreciate my job so much. Just as I genuinely enjoy the pace and excitement of commercial work, I also need to be able to create and perform without having to compromise my personal tastes, aesthetics or goals. The same way that I can’t seem to settle on a specific dance style and rather chose to create my own blend. Stagnant Pool is a fantastic project that came about very naturally. For years, I’ve had the desire to experiment further with dance on film. When my good friend, writer and director Kevin Calero approached me with his idea for Stagnant Pool, I was immediately into it. I thought the idea to be clever and completely relevant to our day and age. Having been great fans of his previous work, it was an obvious decision for my partner, Wynn Holmes and I to get involved as choreographers. It’s only later in the process that he offered me the lead role.

There is so much to enjoy about this short film that it is hard to narrow it down. Essentially, I like the idea of this film acting as a sort of conversation on the very current theme of Narcissism. I enjoy the duality of this project; commenting on self obsession and yet employing so much effort for the final product to be aesthetically refined. I enjoy the artistic and creative commitment of everyone involved. I like that it is taking me to new territories. I love that I finally got to work with a close friend of mine and with my wife on a project that makes us all better and I love this feeling that i can’t shake: that this short film will most definitely serve as a pivotal point in our respective careers. It is so totally different than anything I have done before & I am very eager to see how it will be received.

We have to say thank you to Nico for chatting with us.  The world and Addicted will be keeping a close eye on him, as we are sure he will have even bigger opportunities coming his way.



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