What you need to know about baby hammock recalls

Every new parent will tell you that they feel bewildered by the number of different products that are available for newborn babies. There are hundreds of items to choose from and things only get more complicated as they get older. By the time they are a year or so old you are faced with a list of thousands of things you could potentially buy for your baby.

One of which is a baby hammock. A product that is still relatively new to the market yet is already causing some concern amongst safety experts. This Rock Hill personal injury lawyer even shares an article about a specific brand that had to be recalled because it could become unbalanced. When that happened, the baby could potentially roll into a sleeping position that was not safe.

A story that proves that you need to be careful when buying products for your newborn or baby. It can be all too easy to inadvertently end up buying something unsafe.


Baby hammocks – potential safety issues you need to be aware of

As you will see when you read this in-depth article there are several reasons why this style of baby bed may not be safe to use.


They may not keep your baby flat

The recommendation is that young babies sleep on a flat surface. This is to make sure that they are not rolled to the side of their crib. When that happens, they can get stuck between the mattress and the sides. If they are facing the edge of the mattress they can easily end up suffocating. Even if they are facing the crib bars they are still at risk. Their head or a limb could become stuck between the bars. Or the pressure exerted on their body by being caught between the mattress and the sides could
stop them from breathing.


Carry out your own research

The above is certainly something that every parent should be aware of. However, before making up your mind about what kind of bed your child should be sleeping in it is important to do your research. In particular, listen to what you are told by your medical practitioners. They have access to the latest research.


You need to bear in mind that the old way of doing things is not automatically the safest option. After all, for decades families used drop cribs. These have now been proven to be quite dangerous. So much so that in 2011 the manufacture and sale of this style of cribs were banned in America. Thus, demonstrating the fact that you need to seek advice from someone that has access to the latest findings rather than relying on general advice that all kinds of people share about looking after babies.

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