What to do with your Halloween

Every year it comes and goes and we ask ourselves the same question, What will I do on Halloween? While trick or treating may have long passed, and partying in a big club or bar might not be your thing, we thought we would share our ideas of a good time for Halloween this year, just in case you’re looking to do something a bit different.

Ready for a great night? Here we go!


Axe Throwing:

Axe throwing has become very popular here in Canada (shocking to none) and is growing in popularity in many other places around the world as a more casual sport you partake in with friends and colleagues.

On Halloween, why not make your way down while sharing ghost stories, and throw a few axes with friends, just be make sure to always be careful and watch your beer intake.


An Escape Room:

Trapped in a puzzle. That’s pretty much what an escape room is and, just like axe throwing, they are popping up in more places than you think. We have a few choices here in Toronto, but as I’ve now found online, they seem to be all over.

As someone who had the chance to test out a few, I would advise trying it for yourself. It’s super fun and can be quite challenging. The best part is on Halloween you can do it in costumes, and then out for a drink after with your crew.


Your local Haunt:

In most areas big and small, communities set up activities for Halloween. If you’re around a big area, you can probably visit a theme park, like Canada’s Wonderland; small, they probably have local haunts to visit or stand-alone haunted houses to see.

Check online, search it out, and be on your way, if you’re anything like me, you love to get the crap scared out of you.


The Movies:

Scary movie anyone? Check your local listing, or screen one at home. Just make sure you’ve already done your trick or treating so you have all the munchies you need!


Adult Arcade:

This has pretty much always been a thing, it’s just that nowadays we like everything to be grander and offer more options, hence places like Rec Room in Toronto. It’s pretty much a giant adult arcade, where you can also get dinner and a slew of other fun experiences.



Whether you go out or stay in, we hope you have a super Halloween!




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