What To Do This Halloween: UK Edition

It’s that time of year again, when the veil between our world and the next slips, ghouls and ghosts roam the earth and you all look for excuses to leave the house on Halloween night so you don’t have to share your family size bags of Milky Ways and Mars Bars with the neighbour’s children.

With multiple venues in cities and historic sites across the UK pulling out all the stops, it can be overwhelming deciding what to do. We’ve got you covered with some of the best fright night happenings across the UK this Halloween.

Whether it’s a trick or a treat that you’re after, you’ll find it here.


The London Dungeon: SCREAMFEST – 1st to 31st October 2018

With twenty haunting tales and two terrifying rides, come face to face with London’s most notorious characters including Jack the Ripper, Sweeney Todd, The Plague Doctor and The Torturer. Take on London’s only underground water ride, dodge the grasp of an escaped convict, and plummet into the depths on the exhilarating vertical free fall drop ride; Drop Dead.

All that, plus exclusively for SCREAMFEST a new Jack the Ripper show plunges you into complete darkness, and the spine tingling Séance returns… dare you sit around a Ouija board and summon the spirits?


The Royal Exchange Theatre Manchester presents SÉANCE – 19th to 31st October 2018

Taking place in a completely dark shipping container, Séance explores the psychology of a group of people who have been bombarded with suggestible material. For twenty terrifying minutes, twenty people will experience an intense sonic performance, with the intention of making them ponder their views on superstition.


Liverpool’s Shiverpool Ghost Tour – Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 9.30pm

Prepare to be thrilled and chilled by Shiverpool; a rich blend of history, street theatre and storytelling delivered by the prestigious Shiverpool Spirit Guides. This multi award winning experience unearths the hidden histories, folklore, myths and legends of Liverpool.


Warwick Castle: The Haunted Castle – 20th October to 4th November 2018

Are you a Scaredy Squire, a Daring Duke or a Brave Knight? Explore the Witches Tower and the Haunted Hollows; battle the clock to set the Knight free in the Escape Room; dare to visit the House of Wax; journey back to 1369 to escape the plague ridden castle and test your nerves in the Castle Dungeon.


Kirksall Abbey, Leeds: Sneaky Experience present Face Your Worst Fears Board Game – 27th October 2018

A live interactive board game for adults, you and your team are the pieces. Roll the dice to see where the path takes you. Meet horror characters depending on the dice you throw and overcome challenges which determine the direction you move on the board. How scary can it be? We’d argue very.


Halloween Cinema at Cardiff Castle – 28th October to 2nd November 2018

If you prefer your frights where you can see them, then this one’s for you. Halloween films such as The Lost Boys, Suspiria, The Quiet Place and A Nightmare on Elm Street, along with family-friendly Coco, Hocus Pocus and The Nightmare Before Christmas are being shown in the castle undercroft for a truly memorable cinema experience.


Real Mary Kings Close, Edinburgh presents Condemned – 23rd and 25th October 2018

Discovering the truth behind the ghost stories is nothing new to visitors of Edinburgh’s The Real Mary King’s Close. While rumours of hauntings abound, research and archaeological evidence have revealed a truer story rooted in fact which is darker than any amount of fiction. Returning this Halloween ‘Condemned’ is a special late night experience, providing a historic insight into the infamous witches of 18th century Edinburgh. Travel back to a time when Mary King’s Close was a bustling hub of the city, where suspicion lurked around every corner. If you dare, that is.


Crumlin Road Gaol, Belfast presents Ghost Hunt and Jail of Horror – 12th to 31st October 2018

Launching on Friday 12th October until Halloween Night, the jail events are the perfect preparation to get your annual fix of all things spooky and paranormal. Each night there will be haunting Halloween experiences to suit both those seeking a heart pounding fear fest, to those seeking a ghostly experience on a haunted prison site which witnessed the execution of 17 men over its 150 year history.

Stewart Thurlow

Stewart Thurlow

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