What to Do After a Car Accident

Most accidents that occur involve property damage – vehicle damage as opposed to occupants of a vehicle. One in every three road accidents has to do with driver or passenger injury, while two in every ten road accidents ends up in fatalities. When you get involved in an accident, it is important that you stay focused and calm. Below we shall outline the vital steps you must take to make sure you are protected and safe.


Get help

It is important that you check yourself for any injuries. If you discover that you sustained injuries, call an ambulance immediately. Do not try to move if you are seriously injured and wait for the emergency personnel, and don’t be prideful to attend a quality medical facility like the Houston ER or whichever hospital is closest to your crash.


Call the police – Carry out an assessment of the level of damage. Even if you determine that the accident is of a minor nature, you should call the police immediately. Note that a comprehensive police report is an invaluable component to the insurance claim process. Furthermore, it helps to establish the party at fault.


Protect the accident scene

Keep the flashers on or set up flares to prevent further occurrence of accidents. If your lights do not work, keep your flashlight nearby and use it to keep yourself safe in your damaged car. You may also need to use it by the roadside as you wait for help.


Take pictures

Use a dedicated or your cell phone camera to take pictures. Capture the damaged vehicles and if you sustained visible injuries, make sure you photograph them too. Even so, do not obstruct the police from carrying out their own investigations. In the event that you are unable to take pictures of the accident scene, you should immediately take them immediately after the accident.


Limit discussion of the accident with the other party

Limit your conversation about the accident with the other party involved and most importantly, do not any liability or fault. Only discuss issues relating to the accident with medical professionals, police, and insurance representatives.


Exchange information

If the police fail to respond and you’ve made sure that you or any of your passengers are not injured, you may exchange insurance and contact information of all individuals involved in this accident (drivers and passengers).


Safeguard your rights

The most important step you must take immediately after getting involved in a road accident is to discuss your situation with an attorney. Car accident lawyers can help by protecting your rights while making sure the evidence collected isn’t destroyed. Insurance companies are often quick to collect statements immediately after the occurrence of an accident. However, it is advisable that you receive legal advice prior to issuing any statements. The legal expert can offer advice on how to get full compensation for the damage caused to your vehicle as well as how to ensure you get the appropriate medical treatment.


Remember that while at the scene of an accident, you have no information about the person you’re dealing with or the type of insurance the other party has. Therefore, it is important that you protect yourself by sticking to the facts and consult a highly experienced accident lawyer to help you claim compensation.



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