What Three Boss Babes Say is the Key to Having Success in a Man’s World

It’s undeniable that the business landscape is changing; the boss babes of modern day don’t take orders, they give them and stand neck and neck with the Don Drapers of the world. Move over guys, women are not only excelling at entrepreneurship, but they are also supporting each other through the process!

Take the Female Entrepreneurship Pop-up at KINGDOM space, taking place today, August 9th from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Powerhouse gals Linda Farha (Founder of pop-up go), Tanhee Lloyd-Smith (Founder/ Creative Director of Pretty Denim), and Sonja Salmon (Founder of Ebby Rane), have joined forces to make their female-run companies more visible to other like-minded business women.

Farha comments on her turn-key solution, pop-up go, for consulting on pop-ups stating, “Female power is very much at the forefront so I think supporting businesses by other woman is wonderful.”

Originally beginning as a service to connect brands with pop-up spaces, pop-up go is now launching their own space KINGDOM and what better way to do it than with two female-driven brands like Pretty Denim (luxury denim) and Ebby Rane (women’s luggage). “90% of the field that approach us are women-run companies, why would we not focus on women and business?” asks Farha.

And having a successful business doesn’t come without knowledge and learning more than a thing or two. Linda, Tahnee, and Sonja, give me the low down on what drives their success.

Read what three boss babes say is the key to success in a man’s world below…


What was the best piece of advice you were given as a young entrepreneur?

Linda: Be prepared, evaluate, plan but don’t over analyze!

Tahnee: Tomorrow is always another day.

Sonja: Seize the moment, evaluate concepts quickly, build on momentum while learning and don’t repeat mistakes.


How did you stand out and become successful in a male-dominated business world?

Linda: Although I grew up in a world/era that thought otherwise, I have never focused on gender. It is refreshing , however,to see how women have been empowered to take a chance and realize their dreams… so why not collectively join forces to do something impactful and meaningful?

Tahnee: To be honest we never thought about the gender divide. We were just pinhole focused on our mission, to create and dominate a new category of denim. Elevated Denim.

Sonja: We addressed a common need – the frustration of packing for travel. I started the business to solve that problem specifically for women, who traveled frequently for work. Turns out, there are many people who shared my packing frustrations…


What advice do you have for other aspiring business women?

Linda: If you have a good idea – go for it! Be thoughtful in your approach and if you fail, don’t stop there…just learn from your experience.

Tahnee: Follow your gut instinct and don’t be afraid to cry sometimes when things get overwhelming. It does not make you weak, it actually is very cleansing.

Sonja: Have confidence combined with a healthy dose of patience and plenty of resilience. Your confidence and belief in your business must be unshakeable because there will be headwinds and many naysayers.


If you could name three ingredients for success what would they be?

LindaFocus on the end results. Learn to adjust: if your approach is failing, then don’t repeat – improve! Trust your gut feelings, use your built-in intelligence and don’t question it.

TahneeCreate an idea that you would die for. Support from your loved ones – you will lean on these people more than you think. Smart financial management – even with the smallest investment you want to know why and how you are spending.

SonjaKnow what your strengths are and stay within your sweet spot and then work with amazing people that complement your knowledge and experience. Stay true to your values and seek out partners and employees who share your beliefs and ethics. Be relentless about staying true to your vision. There will be bumps in the road and variables that may throw you off course, but you must remain laser-focused on your long-term objectives.


Dying to meet these inspirational women and shop Pretty Denim and Ebby Rane inside the KINGDOM Pop-up Space?

Head over to King St West and Duncan St in the heart of the Entertainment District in Toronto on August 5th from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm where you can experience Pretty Denim’s new collection and Ebby Rane’s newest product the Q2, as well as meet Pop-Up Go’s Linda Farha, Pretty Denim’s Tahnee Lloyd-Smith, and President of Ebby Rane, Aynsley Wintrip Harris.