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To be perfectly frank, I’ve never really been a big fan of rum, but, that’s probably just because I wasn’t drinking from the right selection, and that’s where Facundo Rum comes in.

The FACUNDO Rum Collection is the first-ever collection of four aged sipping rums taken from the Bacardi family’s private reserves. It is a tribute to Bacardi founder Don Facundo Bacardi Masso and his endless pursuit of producing rums of unsurpassed quality and taste.

Launching just in time for Father’s Day, The Facundo Rum Collection was made using one of the world’s largest private reserves of more than 300 rums and each bottle is a work of art, both inside and out.

We were lucky enough to have a preview of this truly exceptional collection and here are some of the details of these four stand-out rums, that will be coming to a shelf near you, but, in limited numbers and for a limited time.


Facundo EXIMO

Eximo is the only rum in the collection blended before the ageing process. This rum offers pronounced notes of walnut, oak and vanilla and is priced at $125.95 CAD.

Easy to drink, smooth deep taste, this one was definitely easy on the pallet.

Facundo NEO

NEO is one of the oldest light rums available on the market that features a perfectly balanced blend of medium to heavy bodied rums (aged up to 8 years). NEO is smooth, with sweet notes and a clean finish and is priced at $45.95 CAD.

If you are going to use one of these to makes cocktails, it should be this one, I’m not saying you should, but, if you are, then use the one priced the lowest.



EXQUISITO is the perfect marriage of fruitier, younger rums (7 years old) and smokier, older rums (up to 23 years old) which imparts a distinct aroma and taste to this smooth, silky blend. It retails for $279.95 CAD.

This one was my personal fave due to its mellow character from charcoal filtering and a cherry cask finish. It’s deep, smooth, luxurious and really just had the most exceptional taste and finish. It really did leave me wanting more.



PARAÍSO is aged up to 23 years and is a unique blend of the most distinguished rums in the private Bacardi Family Reserves.

This one is made for the cognac drinker and really does have an amazing sweetness that really makes for a wonderful after dinner drink. It rings in at $399.95 CAD, the most expensive and probably the most elusive in the collection.

If you’re a rum lover or looking to become one, I would suggest getting your hands on these four gems from now one of my fave rum collections, Fucundo Rum, and make sure you do it soon, as these have all been made in limited quantities and thus will only sell for a limited time.

So here’s to you, and a new adventure to enjoy wonderful sipping rums from Fucundo Collection.


This is a sponsored post in partnership with Bacardi Canada and ADDCITED Media Inc.





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