Welcome to the Gladstone

Recently we were invited to the Gladstone Hotel, a staple in Toronto since 1889, to try out the new menu from chef Mario Paz.

We started off the night with drinks of course.  We decided to give the Blackberry Gin & Tonic a try (Beefeater 24, muddled blackberries & mint leaves)

We then moved to White Wine: (Middle Earth, Sauvignon Blanc/New Zealand) and/or Red Wine (Callia, Malbec/ Argentina),we each fancied something different.

Then it was  onto appetizers, followed by six mini courses to show off the delicious food from the new menu, all accompanied by great drinks, and excellent company, in a very welcoming space.

The appetizers were a Mushroom Salad Roll (Grilled king mushrooms with crispy vermicelli noodles, spring onion, radish and truffled hoisin sauce) and House Chorizo

We then moved onto Blue Crab Salad: (pictured below)
Fennel-roasted tomatoes, coconut lime dressing. On charred romaine heart.


Next was Saucy Rib ‘Nibblers
Ontario lamb ribs, sweet hoisin BBQ sauce and celeriac slaw.


The Jerk
Spicy, pulled jerk chicken with slaw in a soft, house made coco bread pocket. Side of rice n’ pea fritters and mango chutney dip.

The Jerk_2

Texas Tempeh Burger
48hr marinated organic tempeh, crunchy onion rings, wild mushrooms, BBQ sauce, aged cheddar.


Pad See Ew
Traditional broad rice Thai noodles, wilted mustard greens, savoy cabbage, peanut-candied bird chili garnish (vegan).

Vindaloo Pork
Local pork tenderloin, brown butter confit grapes, new potatoes, endive and vindaloo sauce.


Mexican Chocolate Fudge Brownie
Guajillo chili, salted caramel sauce (vegan).


It was truly a wonderful evening filled with great food, that covered all the different facets of taste, salty, savoury, and sweet, we might just say that We Are Addicted to the Gladstone!



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