The Ultimate Luxury Escape is calling your name: Welcome to Paradisus Cancun

When setting out on your winter vacation, there are a few things we all consider before booking our flights and taking off. Where to go, where we’ll stay and what star package we can land for the least amount of money.

Now if you’re anything like me, you want every vacation to be something special, someplace memorable, that is a level up for the everyday. So when I was invited out to visit Paradisus Cancun to review the resort for upcoming winter travel, I hopped on the chance as it looked like it could be the perfect vacation for myself, but also to share with you.

As I arrived at Pearson airport I made my way over to say hello to my friends at Sunwing, easily checked in and, made my way into my Sunwing Elite seat, to enjoy an easy breezy flight to one of my favourite spots in Mexico, Cancun.

I arrived at the airport on the other side, and our driver met us and whisked us off to the resort. As we drew closer, we could see from a distance the sheer size of the regal Paradisus Cancun, it was then that it crossed my mind that this was truly going to be a visit to remember.



As we pulled up to the front door, the scent of flowers filled the air and lead us into the main foyer, I can still see the vast array as we walked in since I made sure to take a moment and actually, smell the roses.

Before I had much time to look around, we were lead into the Royal Service area to check in for our stay. For those of you that don’t know, Royal Service is the ultimate VIP at Paradisus. This means an upgraded room, butler, access to the Royal Service only pool along with a few other treats to make your stay that much more personal.

After experiencing this amazing service at Paradisus Playa Del Carmen earlier in the year for myself, I was super excited to have the Royal Treatment, that comes along with this top notch service.

As I checked into the hotel I noticed that the room was fresh and clean, offered a stunning rain shower, lounging area, king size bed, mood lighting and of course, the best part, a huge terrace facing out directly onto the ocean. This would happily be my home for my 5-day stay.



As the days went on it was easy to see that Paradisus Cancun is here to offer it’s guests a piece of Paradise while offering the highest level of service in a setting of pure relaxation and luxury. Not just that but they also offer what very well might be the biggest and most beautiful stretch of beach in Cancun, giant and crystal clean pools, classic and luxurious rooms and varying culinary choices that one way or the other will not only satisfy but delight each and every guest.



From lobster by the pool to Tacos in Mole, the food all over the resort is really quite something. Well made, and well, just downright delicious. To top off what was a culinary delight of a week was our visit to Tempo. We had the distinct privilege to sit in a private room and enjoy a 6-course meal with wine pairings made by the amazing chefs.

Now if you are anything like me, you not only want to vacation in a truly amazing locale, you want to enjoy the best culinary delights from a lunch on the beach all the way to 5 star dining and unlike most of the all-inclusive resorts, Paradisus can truly say that they have one of the best collections of restaurants of any resort I’ve stayed at in the world, and that’s saying a lot.



Now, if you’re not about heading out into Cancun, catching a show, or heading out to Xcaret, and you aren’t there to eat your weight in food, but, you are one of the many sun worshipers that make their way to Cancun, then Paradisus is also for you.



With easily both the biggest pool I ever did see, and, a huge perfect white sandy beach and turquoise water as far as the pelican flies, whether you’re poolside or wandering the beach, Paradisus Cancun is hands down your number one choice for the art of sun worshipping.


Food, check. Ambiance, yes. Sun worship, you bet. So what else is there? Well did we mention Paradisus Cancun is literally for everyone?

One end of this majestic resort is Royal Service (the VIP) which spills over into the over 19 section of the resort (this is of course mainly where I stayed) then on the other side, it winds around to all ages.

Paradisus Cancun is truly paradise. It’s grand yet welcoming, regal, without being at all stuffy, fun without question, and is not only architecturally astounding, but it’s also somehow as cosy as a 60 room boutique resort.



Last but not least, I have to mention, the staff. They were truly amazing. And while I want to give all the credit to Paradisus Cancun, after having the same level of outstanding service at Paradisus Playa Del Carmen, I have a feeling that they (Paradisus and Melia) have set the standard to be the highest level at any Paradisus, but that In no way takes away, yet it just amplifies the true joy, the magic and the smiles, that you’ll have from visiting this Mexican gem that is, Paradisus Cancun.



For more information be sure to visit Paradisus Cancun and Paradisus Playa Del Carmen, and for a full listing of vacation packages to these destinations make sure to pop by and see Sunwing today.


This trip was provided by Paradisus Cancun (and Sunwing Airlines) for the purpose of this review. Please note that Royal Service, some liquor and dinners come with an additional cost. Please consult with your travel provider before you arrive, or inquire with concierge when you arrive.





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