We took the latest Fenty Beauty products out for a test drive and here’s what we thought

I think it’s safe to say that Fenty Beauty by Rihanna continues to change the game, with addictive, high-quality products devoted to the often neglected people of color demographic. It’s rare to find a beauty brand solely dedicated to the deeper shades of the spectrum in public access, a feat overcome by Rihanna’s sheer star power and suffice to say, she delivered, especially with her latest addition of new foundation shades, concealers and setting powders.

*photos by Azra Gani

When it comes to foundations, Fenty definitely lives up to all the hype, especially when it comes to catering to darker skintones compared to other big beauty brands. It’s not often that you see a product range heavier on the deeper skintone shades than the light, and I for one am not complaining. The focus on tanned tones means that it’s easier than ever to find a shade match if you find yourself in the range of medium and beyond. Instead of having to mix multiple products to create a custom shade (you know how THAT goes) which somehow always ends up more orange than necessary, I can now walk in, grab a Fenty Pro’filtr Soft Matte Longwear Foundation in shade 330-360 (depending on the season) and know I’ll be getting a flawless finish. With the addition of 10 new in between shades, I will never go a season with mismatched foundation.

Click here to try the Fenty Foundation Shade finder to find your perfect match. 

My absolute new favourite is 345, a tan shade for olive undertones. While the formula does tend to oxidize a little darker, I was lucky enough to go for the lighter of my shade matches, and this counteracts that effect. The cream can be quite drying if you have already dry or combination skin, but it’s made to work hand in hand with the Pro’filtr Soft Matte Primer. If you don’t have primer handy, a skin oil works just as well to keep your skin soft and help the foundation glide on. You do need to work fairly quickly, as it sets quite fast.

As if this flawless face wasn’t already enough, Fenty has expanded their range to include the Pro’filtr Instant Retouch Concealer. Another soft formula, that glides and blends like a dream while delivering a gentle photo-ready finish. Fenty does not fail. Offering a full 50 shade spectrum that aligns perfectly with the existing foundation range, they make it exceptionally easy to find a shade match. I decided on 330 and 340 to pair with 345, but in the event I would want to brighten with concealer instead of setting powder, I would have gone as high as 260-290. The packaging, a mini version of the classic foundation with a wand instead of a pump, may seem tiny, but my biggest reason to love this product is that a tiny bit goes a very long way.

To seal the deal, look no further than the 8 new shades of Pro’filtr Instant Retouch Setting Powder. Fenty is really taking no flashback, flawless photo finishes seriously. It’s incredibly irksome to see bright flashback in every single picture taken on a night out. It has been impossible, to this day, to find a range of setting powders to suit every skin tone. But once again, Fenty has saved the day. These airy, soft powders paired with the Powder Puff Setting Brush are the perfect finishing touch to any look. Not to be confused with foundation powders, use these to bake (as someone in the 300 range, I find shade Cashew is perfect for under my eyes to brighten) and set contour (for this I use shade Hazelnut) or to seal in foundation (Honey).

The best part about Fenty Beauty is that the team understands what tools work best with their products. Their brushes and sponges are customized to provide the best blend and finish, and have been priced as companions to the range. FentyBeauty.com even offers packages including Pro’filtr Foundation, Concealer and the accompanying brushes in a discounted bundle. The fluffy Full-Bodied Foundation Brush has been met with rave reviews, and having just tried it myself I can agree that the end result is worth the investment. The thickly packed brush delivers minimum product with maximum impact, and the beautiful pink shade of the tools satisfy my love of elegant products.

I regularly tend to need a quick yet effective makeup routine. In my line of work, live music production, my prep can start as early as 4:00am, with a non-negotiable requirement to be packed up at the airport and ready to face a 20 hour day by 5:00am. I pay very specific attention to what items I carry on the road with me as they need to fit in just a carry-on or my handbag, and they need to deliver a fully made up face in a short amount of time. Enter, Fenty Matchstix. The revolutionary magnetized sticks which pack a light matte/shimmer formula to deliver long-lasting conceal, correct and contour in the best to-go packaging I’ve come across. The formula is soft, creamy and buildable, and the shade range offers a mix and match opportunity for every skin tone. I find myself reaching for the conceal shade, Caramel, every day, as it offers a quick fix if I’m running late. By far my favorite two shades, however, are Chili Mango and Unicorn. Chili Mango is a chilli orange shade that can be used as a blush, eyeshadow and lip enhancer. Unicorn is a beautiful shimmery lavender that pops gorgeously on any skin color(trust me), and brings some magic back to make up. Paired with the compact Portable Highlighter Brush 140, these shades never leave my bag.

If I had to only purchase makeup from one brand moving forward, it would definitely be Fenty. Try it for yourself, and let us know what you think on Twitter at @wearaddicted!



Azra Gani

Azra Gani

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