We Live Grand – The ultimate dinner with Grand Marnier

We’ve been very lucky to share a wonderful friendship with Grand Marnier over the years we have worked in the media.

Really it comes as no surprise. If there’s a brand that always conducts itself with equal parts intrigue and class, Grand Marnier takes the cake, so to speak.

So, when we were invited to sit down to a very special dinner at an evening with Grand Marnier, we, of course, said yes. As we arrived at The Ritz-Carlton in Toronto and we ushered up to the private ballroom, we knew right away this was going to be a night to remember.



As we entered the gallery, we were greeted by the man of the hour himself, Master Blender Patrick Raguenaud, who welcomed us to join in a night of new friends, food and of course Grand Marnier.

For those unaware, the story starts like this.

When Louis-Alexandre Marnier-Lapostolle invited his friend, César Ritz, to taste his orange-flavoured liqueur, which he had self-titled as Curaçoa Marnier, César Ritz was so taken with it that he suggested a new name: Grand Marnier. “A grand name for a grand liqueur,” he is reputed to have said. Thus, the liqueur was renamed Grand Marnier and soon began the tradition of César Ritz serving Grand Marnier as an opulent finish to every meal at his luxury hotels.


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So, it was only fitting then that Grand Marnier partnered with The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto and The Ritz- Carlton Montreal to reimagine a 100+-year-old Ritz Paris menu with a modern eccentric twist – exquisitely pairing the multi-course dinner with the full range of Grand Marnier expressions and cocktails.



As we made our way through the rich and sumptuous menu paired with fresh and inspired cocktails we were treated to a truly royal experience, while having the pleasure to have a guided tasting by Mr Rageunaud himself so we could not only have the perfect night, but also learn more about Grand Marnier and it’s fine line of orange cognacs.



The French-inspired dinner, the ambience of the Ritz-Carlton, wonderful company and world-class drinks from a truly iconic brand? Nothing could be truer; We Live Grand.


For full info on Grand Mariner and The Ritz-Carlton visit their websites today, and for the cocktail recipes make sure to check back next week as I share the details on how to make them at home. 


The is a sponsored post on collaboration with Grand Marnier and ADDICTED Media Inc.



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