Ask Your #WomanCrushWednesday With Skye Sweetnam

Our #WCW this week is the totally badass Skye Sweetnam of Sumo Cyco. If girls that rock are what you’re into, you’ve met your match with this one. When Skye takes the stage she commands attention, with her presence, her fantastic voice and her impressive ability to be everywhere at once. Whether she’s jumping on amps, running into the audience to start a moshpit, or literally climbing the rafters to suspend herself mid-song, this lady is a performer in the best sense of the word. I had the pleasure of meeting Skye last week at the Toronto date of Vans Warped Tour, and after interviewing the band I realized that Skye is not only incredibly talented and ambitious, but is also the sweetest girl in the entire world. Check out Skye’s dating advice as our #womancrushwednesday!

What is the first thing that you notice about a potential love interest?
Confidence. I know it may be the typical answer but I’m a very confident person and I feel any potential partner needs to match, if not surpass me in the confidence department.

Who would you want to have make the first move?
I’m not too picky with this one. It depends on what the moment calls for. I love to be courted but I’m also not afraid to go after what I want.

What is your ideal first date?
I’d have to say a midnight drive to some particularly beautiful location or someplace cool that I’ve never been. I love surprises. I also love danger so a little trespassing can be super hot. It’s always important to be able to have a conversation. That’s why I don’t understand movie dates where you sit in silence the entire time.

What’s your instant deal breaker?
I guess I have a few…
Someone who doesn’t listen to music. Bad breath. Also any racist, homophobic or discriminatory comments. Not attractive.

Who do you go to for dating advice?
My friends all have a ton of different experiences so I mostly talk with them about love and sex. My parents and grandparents have all been very lucky to have long marriages with their high school sweethearts, so although they set a pristine example of loyalty and love, they don’t have many different experiences to draw from.

Sumo Cyco’s album “Lost in Cyco City” is available in stores and online
Twitter: @SkyeSweetnam/@SumoCyco

Header Image: Nikki Jumper 

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