Ask your #womancrushwednesday with Phoebe Dykstra

This week’s #WCW is the incredible Phoebe Dykstra! Phoebe is a social media personality, former MTV / MuchMusic host and current animal rights advocate. After leaving MTV last year Phoebe has been devoting her life to living honestly, and helping others; recently becoming an official ambassador for Kids Help Phone. Phoebe constantly uses her platform to promote healthy living, yoga, and getting outdoors. Additionally her passion for animals has linked her with many progressive companies including Humane Society, MercyForAnimals, Peta2, VeganCuts, and more. Now working freelance in media she hopes to inspire many youth today who are also seeking truth and meaning with each new project she takes on.

What is the first thing that you notice about a potential love interest?
I like someone who is confident and carries a special, playful and positive energy with them wherever they go! Big goopy eyes and a great laugh also help!

Who would you want to have make the first move?
It’s so super cute / cheesy (vegan cheesy) when the “first move” just naturally falls into place! Bumping into each other on the dance floor or going for the same bunch of bananas at the market or something ya know haha! Sometimes I get super shy around cute cute people, so it’s nice if they come talk to me but I’ve been known to drop some sweet one-liners haha.

What is your ideal first date?
Going on an exploration through the forest is FOR SURE my favourite first date! Having a mission, like a location to find for sure helps when I get super shy and don’t know what to say, it’s like “jeez, where is this place already?” haha!

What’s your instant deal breaker?
I am super sensitive to being around alcohol and cigarettes, so I’d prefer being around someone who doesn’t smoke cigarettes or drink. I also MAY not wanna kiss you if you order a big steak at dinner. 

Who do you go to for dating advice?
Depending on my “love” interest, I tend to go to a friend that also knows the interest, so they can have better insight to the situation. I’ve been getting pretty good at communication, which helps. If a situation can be worked out between the couple because there is great communication, all the better! I definitely like to “Omg and then he said this and this and OMG he likes me!!!” to my island friends and sister though!



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