Ask Your #WomanCrushWednesday with Martha Meredith

Our #WCW this week is the gorgeous Martha Meredith, an electronic musician and songwriter fronting Toronto’s own electro-dance pop band, For Esmé. Martha is a literary nerd who loves music festivals, art shows, good coffee, summer bike rides and escaping the city to the wilderness. Hopefully you caught For Esmé this month at WAYHOME, and you need to check out their singles ‘You’ & ‘Just Yet’ at The band’s new record Sugar comes out in September. We asked Martha a few dating questions, and they’re certainly worth a read.

What’s the first thing you notice about a potential love interest?
I think the first thing you notice about people in general is appearance, so I probably notice that first. I like people with a laid back but interesting and unique style. Beyond that I take note of things like people reading good books or playing instruments or making cool things.

Who would you prefer made the first move?
I imagine myself as someone who wants the other someone to make the fist move. In reality though, in my best relationship (which is current!) I made the first move because I knew what I wanted and that has worked out pretty great for me so far.

What’s your ideal first date?
Definitely biking somewhere in the sunshine or a warm summer night to a) drink and eat delicious food outside or b) go to a concert or an art show or something where you can experience something new together.

What’s your instant deal breaker?
Close-mindedness! To other people’s experiences, preferences or way of living.

Who do you go to for dating advice?
My oh-so brave, confident, progressive and empowered lady friends mostly. The strong women in my life inspire me to get what I want out of love and life, and not be too compromising. I think women are brought up to be so polite and compromising and always keep everyone else around them happy, but its very important to keep yourself happy too! I have some super badass babes in my life who are always helping me stay true to myself.

Twitter/Instagram: @ForEsmeForever

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