Wallows at The Danforth Music Hall

On the final day of Canadian Music Week 2019, LA-based heartthrobs Wallows took the stage at The Danforth Music Hall playing a sold-out show. Akin to Finn Wolfhard of Calpurnia, Dylan Minnette of Wallows also shares the duality of being a musician and an actor in a hugely popular tv series on Netflix. While the show reference may be redundant, Wallows are forming a fan base largely separate of that.

Braeden Lemasters alternated vocals with Minnette all evening with lighthearted banter tied together with some of the loudest crowd singalongs you’d think were possible at a show. Highlights included lively Scrawny, I’m Full, and encore anthem, 1980’s Horror Films as the energy in the room and on stage maintained a high all night long.

1. Treacherous Doctor
2. Sidelines
3. Scrawny
4. These Days
5. Drunk on Halloween
6. Ice Cold Pool
7. Underneath the Streetlights in the Winter Outside Your House
8. Ground
9. What You Like
10. Uncomfortable
11. Remember When
12. Pictures of Girls
13. Are You Bored Yet?
14. I’m Full
15. Do Not Wait
16. Only Friend

17. 1980’s Horror Film
18. Pleaser