Volvo premiere’s The Casino

You may be thinking why are Addicted writing about trucks? Well these aren’t just any trunks and this isn’t just any film.

In this latest film from Volvo Trucks in a wildly successful series (including the John Claude Van Damme video) they have now released “The Casino

A parking valet Ambrogio Adani is expected to park a truck outside a casino on the Italian Riviera. He looks surprised – but in actual fact the truck has a lot of similarities to the sports cars he usually parks. All thanks to the world-first transmission I-Shift Dual Clutch, “When I realized that I was expected to park a truck, my heart just stopped. I thought: How can I park it there?” says Ambrogio Adani.

15. San Remo Market

The main point that Volvo is looking to drive home (sorry I had to) in this commercial is that the I-Shift Dual Clutch transmission in their trucks has a lot in common with a sports car.
I-Shift Dual Clutch has double transmissions, a technology found in many sports cars. Volvo Trucks is now the only manufacturer in the world that can offer this type of transmission for series-produced heavy vehicles.

Check out “The Casino” directed by Henry Alex Rubin below and if you are looking to find out more, check out Volvo Trucks for yourself.



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