Video Premiere – “Que Désire l’Amour” by Tim Arnold

Last year I had the honor and pleasure of premiering Tim Arnold’s “What love would want” here on Addicted.  It’s a ballad dedicated to love, tolerance, hope and acceptance, and it’s as beautiful as its intention.  Now the British singer/songwriter is back with the french version of the same song, “Que Désire l’Amour” and we are so proud to bring you the English Canada premiere today.

The song was received airplay on BBC 6 Music in the UK and on SiriusXM and CBC in Canada.  The song was adopted as an anthem for Amnesty International’s Love Is a Human Right campaign. The power of the song was spread through many powerful live performances, including concerts at the Russian Embassy in London (in the presence of actor Sir Ian McKellen), the legendary Isle of Wight Festival, London’s leading performing arts space, the Roundhouse and many special events right here in Toronto, the world’s most multi-cultural city.

The growing popularity of the song and its universal message led to a need for a French version, so Tim teamed up with Canadian singer/songwriters, Ben Pelchat (Toronto, Ontario) and Alexy Guerer (Montreal, Quebec) to help craft french language lyrics to do the original song and its message justice.  “Que Désire l’Amour” was recorded and produced at Kensington Sound in Toronto. New footage supporting the French video single was shot in Canada, and features a diverse group of beautiful Canadian couples.  The video is made even more poignant by the presence of Stewart and Catherine Barnes.  Stewart was suffering from cancer, and this video was a chance for he and his wife to showcase their love and to be part of this amazing project despite his illness.

Said Tim ” This version is a whole other level than the first one.  Really extraordinary.”

Want to learn more about the making of ” “Que Désire l’Amour”?  Check out the short documentary on the project that Tim was kind enough to share with me below.

In memoriam of Stewart Barnes who passed away peacefully a month after participating in the filming of Que Desire l’Amour. Our thoughts and prayers go to his wife Catherine Barnes. We hope the video will be a comfort to your loss.

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Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly