Video Premiere: Hayley and the Crushers “Hot Shot”

*by Kate Killet

Hayley and the Crushers are a bad ass energetic trio from “sunny Crusherverse, California (a.k.a. San Luis Obispo, CA)”. Lead by front woman and guitarist Hayley Cain, the band make fun tunes with thick guitars that go down like spiked lemonade – sweet but with a bite.

Fresh off the release of their debut album titled Jewel Case, the glitter punk trio are set to release their second full length (titled Cool Lame) this coming spring, but first they’ve got a video for their Jewel Case cut “Hot Shot”. As Hayley Crusher Cain explained to us…

“Everyone knew that horrendous guy in high school who thought he was ‘the king.’ Then, ten years later there he is, still selling sodas and lottery tickets at the gas station with that little smirk on his face. This whole album feels a lot like it was torn from pages of my high school diary, and I’m OK with that. I was a weird kid in a small town who retreated to my room to write stories and play Ramones songs over and over on my guitar. Playing rock music today with the Crushers–has only strengthened what I suspected all along: it’s the ones who stay true to themselves that actually win in life. The king is dead. Now that I think about it, he was a total bore anyway.”

Watch the video below.

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