Vegas Virgin Pops Cherry

‘Twas the night before Vegas, when all through my place
I was frenzily packing at a super sonic pace

My passport and bikinis were left out with care
And giddiness grew, knowing I’d soon be there
Sin City was awaiting, there was no time for bed
While visions of debauchery danced in my head

old las vegas

My idea of Vegas had come from movies: National Lampoons Vegas Vacation, Oceans Eleven (new and old), Honeymoon in Vegas, and so on and so on. In my mind it was opulent, ostentatious and absolutely over the top. And while those adjectives rarely hold appeal to me, for some reason, Vegas remained a neon glowing beacon of tackiness that I just had to experience. And experience it I did!

Pool Partay

The pool party at Marquee in the Cosmo was one of the highlights of the experience! Beats blasting, pitchers flowing, and good times all around. Dance, cool off in the pool, take a mini nap, drink, repeat. This was the one time we ladies splurged to score reclining lounge chairs, and it was a fantastic decision. The caveat was we needed to spend at least $500. But considering there were six of us and we were going to be all there and eat there, it was totally worth it.

Should you want to lounge but not be surrounded by hectic hedonism, there are often a variety of pools with different vibes to choose from. At the Cosmo we also ventured to the Bamboo Pool, which was calm and quiet (just what the hangover ordered) and had a most delicious concoction called Dragon’s Breath (a fabulous fruity mojito) as the most stylish hair of the dog remedy we could imagine.


This was the absolute the apex of the trip. It was all I’d imagined. The bright lights, the girls walking around in little feathery numbers, penny slots, loads of people, and scarily cheap meal advertisements ($12 for lobster and steak and a drink…how is that possible? We weren’t reckless enough to find that out).

old vegas

While Fremont Street was fabulous, a pleasant surprise was that just past the tack-tacular strip there’s a sprouting hipster area. Really cute bars and a fantastic chicken and waffle sandwich and this sweet spot called Park on Fremont (make sure you try their famous sweet potato tater tots)!

chicken and waffle


Every bite was delicious, no matter what “level” of food you opt for. Upscale Japanese restaurant Nobu at Caesars Palace was what you’d expect – delicious, perfect, and pricey. (The lobster taco was so tiny but sooo tasty). If you’ve got an appetite, then definitely check out one of the all you can eat buffets. I squeezed Wicked Spoon in just before departing and am so glad I did. A huge range of anything your stomach can crave (angry mac and cheese was my favourite) and flowing mimosas (even a couple to-go). Then there’s In-N-Out. This burger joint had been recommended so many times there was no way I was leaving Vegas without trying it animal style – even if I just grabbed a cab to go through drive-through, and that’s what we did. To be honest, it’s not that it had stand out flavour, but it hit the spot so perfectly at the moment it tasted like one of the best. burgers. ever.

in-n-out burger

Go Out

Every venue is a spectacle. Whether it’s acrobatics from the ceiling (like at LIGHT in Mandalay Bay) or the celeb status of the DJ (like Tiesto at Hakkasan in MGM Grand) or just stunning setting (like XS at Wynn – where Avicii happened to pop up and money literally fell from the ceiling). I must admit, though I consider myself a feminist, this was one situation I was absolutely alright with sexism. If you have a pair of boobs and can strut in a pair of sky high heels, practically everything was handed to you. No waiting in line, no paying cover, drink tickets or all you can drink wristbands handed out, and men with booths offering even more beverages. These booths, I discovered to my horror, cost these men at least $2,000 per bottle (and these ain’t Texas mickey sized bottles neither). While I know the company of my friends and me is priceless, my jaw still dropped when I heard the sum of the bill. But, c’est la Vegas.

See a Show

Everyone will tell you to see a show. Cirque de Soliel is often touted as the most magical. However, my group of gals opted for the awesome Britney Spears. One described it as a religious experience. After a confession like that I’m not sure there’s much more to say other than, she’s Britney bitch!

britney spears las vegas

One of the best cherry popping experiences of life. Take this newly devirginized Vegas-addicts word for it, and head on down to Sin City and get your party on.



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