Vaping done right with LITE

As of October 17th smoking and buying Cannabis is legal here in Canada, which now means that the devices that allow you to smoke the way you like, are now also available on the market and one that we have taken note of is from Vapium and is called LITE.

LITE is an ultra discrete, lightweight and easy to use electronic vaporizer. Now while we admit to nothing, we have had some experience in testing similar devices and have always found they were either lacking or they were very expensive but much to our delight LITE is neither.

With easy to use functions, controls for a quick or slow burn, along with a great amount of smoke that’s still much easier on your lungs, this little baby has really exceeded our expectations.



Here’s Why:
  • At just $99 CDN ($79 USD), it provides exceptional value for money.
  • It is medically manufactured in an ISO certified factory and is backed by a reliable 1-year limited warranty.
  • LITE produces pure vapour in 45 seconds. A powerful oven with 8 temperature settings evenly heats and preserves dry herb for multiple sessions, on-the-go or at home.
  • It’s easy-to-use & discreet


So if you’re looking for a Vaporizer and aren’t sure where to start, LITE is a great option since it’s just so darn easy to use, and enjoy.


Tried it yourself? Let us know your thoughts @WeRAddicted. Wondering about drug tests associated with smoking cannabis? Read this article.



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