V-Day: Get Him Better Drawers

It often feels like Valentine’s Day is a one-sided holiday. The media bombards us with the perfect gifts for her – jewellery, flowers, and lingerie. Why is it that women are expected to wear sexy lingerie for their partners but men can show up in those ugly, old boxers. Well not anymore.

This is your unofficial Valentine’s Day Guide to getting the men in your life better underwear. After all, what’s a better way to say you love them than gifting them better drawers? And in the end you benefit from seeing them in something other than old boxers. Now we aren’t saying stick them in something too sexy that makes them feel uncomfortable  – stick to their usual style but update them. And if your man is a bit more adventurous – perhaps consider getting them a jock to show off their ass-ets.



Now if your man is into trunks, there are many on the market that fulfill their need for comfort but with more style. Perhaps try the Electric No-Show trunk from 2xist. These square-cut trunks are equipped with a no-show rise and the brand’s Original Contour Pouch for extra boost. Opt for a fun colour like deep red for v-day.


And if your man has a booty that you enjoy, show it off with the Gigolo Joe trunk from D. Hedral. These hybrid trunks are knitted seamlessly for maximum comfort and fit. Further, the brand has added a thermotape y rear seem to enhance a man’s assests.


If your man is all about classic white briefs – we have the perfect solution for you/him. The Todd Sanfield Signature Brief is an update on the classic. A timeless, understated design made with a high-quality blend of modal and elastane give him a perfect form-fit. Or opt for the Core Lo-No Show Brief from C-IN2. Dare we say these guys make tighty-whiteys sexy?


Now if your man insists on only wearing boxers – update them. There is no reason you should have to deal with some baggy novelty printed boxers on your next romantic night. Introduce him to more fitted boxers care of CDLP. This smaller brand from Stockholm is all about minimalist well made underwear – that also happens to be sexy. Their slim fit boxer is made from fine mercerized cotton for ultimate softness and breath-ability. These boxer shorts feature a modern slim silhouette and a buttoned fly.



Maybe your man already wears a jock to the gym but maybe it’s time he wears it in the bedroom too? After all, if he wants you in some skimpy underwear, perhaps he should return the favour? Why not try out the Classic Jockstrap from Charlie or a Blue Steel Jock from Pump ?


Now if you want your man to have great new underwear all year round, consider signing him up for The Underwear Expert.

Christian Dare
Christian Dare spent much of his formative years working in the fashion industry as a National Visual Manager before he turned his attention to writing. He currently writes for AmongMen, Complex and his own blog, Christian Dare Edited. You can find him online at www.christiandareedited.com or follow him on Twitter @christiandare but he is more fun on Instagram @christian_dare
Christian Dare