Unprecedented Spike in Wildlife Crime: New Program Fights Back

With the spike in wildlife crime around the world and in America, we wanted to learn about how we can help or make a difference to stop these cruel acts from happening, and that’s  when we came across the whistleblower’s wildlife program.

Here are the details we all need to know:

There are strong, internationally applicable U.S. laws, designed to fight wildlife crime that contains robust whistleblower reward provisions.
These reward laws apply to whistleblowers around the world who disclose violations of key wildlife laws that protect endangered animals, fish, and plant species from illegal harvesting, trafficking and importation either into the United States, or by U.S. persons or U.S.-related companies. However, for the past 30+ years these laws have laid dormant—responsible U.S. agencies have not implemented these reward provisions that were designed to incentivize reporting. See “Monetary Rewards for Wildlife Whistleblowers: A Game-Changer in Wildlife Trafficking Detection and Deterrence,” by Stephen M. Kohn (Environmental Law Reporter, 2016).



The National Whistleblower Center (NWC) launched its Global Wildlife Whistleblower Program to educate the public about the monetary rewards that whistleblowers may be entitled to when reporting international wildlife crime. The Program works with the National Whistleblower Legal Defense and Education Fund (NWLDEF), which provides a secure platform for confidential reporting and connects whistleblowers to attorneys who can help them notify law enforcement and become eligible for rewards under the appropriate U.S. laws.



To learn more about the Program, and how you can submit a report, please visit: www.whistleblowers.org/wildlife.




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