Understanding the Colours of an Aura and What They Mean

Many people often just hear the word ‘aura’ in passing and know that there are colours involved, but don’t know what it means. We can even often say that a certain person has a beautiful aura, but what does that actually mean? Let’s find out.


What is the aura?

Every person, every living thing, and every object has an electromagnetic field surrounding it, and this is called the aura. It’s basically the energy that comes off of our body. It’s in our body and it extends around 3 feet above the head and 3 feet below the feet into the ground.

The aura has seven different layers, each layer having a different meaning and frequency. These layers affect our emotions, thinking, and actions, as well as our behaviour and health.


The 7 layers

The aura layers transmit information between the body and its external environment.

  1. Physical body: Physical sensations, physical comfort, and health.
  2. The etheric auric body: Emotions such as self-acceptance and self -love.
  3. Vital auric body: The rational mind to understand a situation in a clear and rational way.
  4. Emotional body: Relations with others, and interaction with friends and family.
  5. Lower mental body: Divine will within. To bring into line the divine will with the physical being.
  6. Higher mental body: Divine love, and spiritual state.
  7. Spiritual body: Serenity and the connection to the divine mind to understand the greater universal pattern.

A person’s aura can say a lot about what they’re feeling and thinking, and tell a lot about their wants and desires. Depending on the frequency, your mood and your general state of being, your aura will be of different colours.


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The colours and their meanings

Now let’s see the different colours of auras and what those colours might be associated with. Colours vary in hues and usually the lighter the colour the better energy there is. Most people will have one or two dominant colours.  

Red: Red is associated with your physical body. Usually the darker the red, the more grounded you are, being stronger, powerful and more realistic. The lighter it is, the more energetic and passionate you are.

Orange: This relates to reproductive organs and emotions. It also deals with creativity and acceptance of new ideas. Orange is the colour of vitality expressing excitement, adventure and courage among other features.

Yellow: This colour is the life force energy of your body. Having yellow in your aura is a good sign that you are simply an outgoing, energetic and friendly person. It also represents spiritual awakening and inspiration. It’s also a colour of intelligence and optimism. When yellow is seen, it expresses that you’re super friendly and a bubbly person.

Green: Green relates to the heart and when seen in the aura it represents growth and balance. The person is a natural nurturer, with a love for animals, nature and people of all kinds. They also take easy to change. Many green aura people work in health care or run charities, having the desire to help as many people as they can.

Blue: Blue aura people are very clear-minded and communicate well. They exhibit in them the three C’s; cool, calm, and collected, and people look up to them for support. They can be very honest and inspiring to listen to.

Indigo: People with this colour are highly intuitive and spiritual. They seem a bit complex to other people, though indigo people are good at understanding complex situations and feel things deeply. They have a huge capacity to feel and think.

Violet: It’s related to the crown of your head. It’s perhaps the most sensitive and wisest of the aura colors and usually, people who have psychic abilities have this colour. They’re usually visionaries and very artistic.

Lavender: The daydreamer aura, lavender people have imagination and creativity, and carry some of the same traits as the violent people.  

Silver: This is a rare aura colour that can often be confused with white, but they’re not the same thing. Silver represents abundance and silver aura people can quickly manifest things into the physical realm. Bright silver can represent the ability to make lots of money.

White: Often people who are highly enlightened can have white in their aura. It has angelic qualities such as purity and truth. We could assume that spiritual leaders of the past might have had a white aura, and there are plenty of people in the present who can raise their spiritual ability to have this colour.

Gold: If this colour is seen, it could mean the person is being guided by their highest divine self. It’s the colour of protection and spiritual guidance. It could indicate that the person has strong relations with their spirit guides.    

Rainbow: It’s very rare to find it, and if you believe in reincarnation, past and future life, then often people who are in their first incarnation will have the rainbow colour. They’d have it because they haven’t yet been tainted yet and are very pure and connected.  

Dark colours: Black or brown are in this category, but also other colours. There are very dark reds, greens and blues. This often means the person is drawing in all the negative energy around them. It could also mean that the person is holding on to negative experiences, and they need to cleanse themselves from all the negativity. It doesn’t indicate that they necessarily be bad people, as it just could be a lack of positive energy.  

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True nature

Understanding the colours of an aura and what they represent gives you a better insight about yourself as well as those around you. By identifying where you stand in regards to your aura, you can move forward in working on bettering yourself. It can get a bit confusing given that there are so many layers and colours to work with, that’s why it’s important to keep the knowledge close to you at all times.





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