Tycho Live at Meridian Hall

Who is Tycho? Is he the white-clad king of cushioned comedowns? A multimedia electronic band experience? A graphic designer and photographer? A Danish astronomer? All of the above, son.

As well Tycho is Scott Hansen, a Californian visual artist who found later in life that his musical instrument of proficiency was a computer. And that he’d take his love of early 2000s electronic music like Zero 7, Thievery Corporation and Air, start messing around with a drum machine/sequencer and find himself down the road as a progenitor of melodic downtempo ambient electronic music is what makes his story all the richer. Starting with 2006’s Past Is Prologue to the five-year-long project of Dive, Hansen added human players with each successive release leading up to Awake in 2014. His next album, Epoch garnered much critical attention and a Grammy nomination for Best Dance/Electronic Album.

Hansen put out Weather last summer that continues his envisioned evolution of Tycho by adding the vocals of Saint Sinner to the majority of the album’s songs. A perfect choice to be the band’s voice, Hannah Cottrell’s vocals are a blanket cut from a similar cloth that lays well atop Hansen’s music.
Tycho dropped into Meridian Hall in Toronto on September 16 during the first leg of the Weather tour.

Scott Hansen joined us in the ADDICTED Music Dept. for a chat. The full interview will be dropping soon over at the Dept.’s podcast.



Aron Harris

Aron Harris

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