Turn Heads With A Car That’s A Cut Above The Rest

Nicki Minaj’s iconic pink Lamborghini is said to have cost over $30,000 on the paintwork alone. While most of us don’t have that kind of budget to work with, it is possible to customize your car and make it stand out from the crowd with a few modifications and some careful love and attention.


Beautiful On the Outside


The most straightforward way to make your car stand out is to work on the appearance of the body. For a whole paintwork renovation, you’re best off taking your car to a specialist to ensure you get a smooth finish and a job you’re truly happy to show off. Car wraps are a good way to go if you want something truly unique, and you can have these custom-designed to offer a style that reflects your personality. Chris Brown’s famous colour-changing Lamborghini Huracan is a high-end example of this, but you can opt for something much more simple and budget-friendly. Alternatively, choose bold paint colours and visit a specialist to have flourishes and accents added, or have pinstriping applied to a classic car. The advantage of opting for a paint job is that you can remedy minor scrapes and nicks yourself using a colour-matched spray.

Another easy customization you can make to the outside of the car is to invest in a private number plate. Promote your brand, personalize your ride with your name or date of birth, or choose a meaningful combination of letters to make your car stand out. Be sure to research license plate requirements in your region before you make your decision though.


Beautiful On The Inside


The internet is your friend when you’re looking for interior inspiration, and videos and tutorials can teach you how to smoothly fix up paint work and make adjustments to the inside of the car. Replacing the seat covers, for example, can easily be done at home, and interesting choices will make your car stand out in the street. Replacing your dome light with a coloured bulb is another customization you can easily make yourself, or you could consider lining your trunk with a fabric that reflects your personality.

Some jobs, however, are best left to the mechanic, and if you’re prepared for the investment, there are more modifications that can make the inside of your car stand out. Vinyl wrapping can be applied to the interface, dashboard and steering wheel in whatever design you choose, and door lights can show off the interior when you open the door, with some lights even reflecting fun designs on the road. Interior LED lighting can also be added to provide an accent to the inside of your car.


Accessorize To The Max


The beauty of using accessories to customize your car is that you can build up your collection over time and change your design easily. Coloured brackets for your windshield wipers will make your car stand out above the rest, and choosing an embellished emblem can complement the paintwork. Steering wheel covers, dock lock accents and hood ornaments all make interesting additions, and vinyl wraps and coloured bulbs can be used to personalize exterior lights. If you’re interested in making this modification, however, be sure to research the laws in your region, as colour and visibility is often strictly regulated. If this isn’t possible for you, wheel and fender lights can be used to add extra color to the outside, and even tyres can be sprayed to make them stand out.


You don’t have to spend a fortune to personalize your car. By choosing interesting accessories and making unique changes both inside and outside the vehicle, you can make sure your ride turns heads in the street. Be careful not to go overboard though: too many modifications could make your car stand out for the wrong reasons.

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