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If I had to impart just one singe piece of travel advice to anyone, it would be this: invest in your luggage.


My reasons are two fold: firstly; after losing your passport or missing your flight, there is no worse trauma to suffer while travelling than a broken suitcase. Okay, trauma might be a bit dramatic but a broken suitcase makes everything that much harder than it needs to be. The first time I flew from London to Toronto with ADDICTED I bought a suitcase from Primark thinking I was being a savvy traveller and saving money. More fool me. As I approached the UP Express platform at Pearson airport one of the back wheels gave up and buckled. It didn’t matter that there were three perfectly good working wheels, the broken one won the battle and I arrived at ADDICTED HQ a hot, sweaty, aching, irritated mess. Not quite the chic well travelled image I wanted to display to my new colleagues. To add insult to injury I had to buy a new another new suitcase to travel back with. Buy cheap, buy twice indeed.


Secondly; that cheap broken suitcase likely ended up in landfill. That’s not a thought I like to dwell on given the current state of the environment and Greta Thunberg if you’re reading this, I’m sorry. Truly I am. Had I just invested a little more wisely, I could’ve saved more than just a few pounds.


It was with great excitement then, that I was introduced to the TUMI and specifically their Recycled Capsule Collection. For more than 40 years, TUMI have provided travellers with world class business and travel essentials. Every product they bring to you has been rigorously tested several times over to ensure that it is of the highest quality.


TUMI says of their new collection “Our bags are known for their durability—they’re designed to last. Our first Recycled Capsule collection goes one step further and uses more sustainable materials to achieve that signature strength.”


Each piece uses between 2 and 30 recycled plastic bottles so 0.2 to 3 ounces of plastic is diverted from landfill for every bag made. That’s a massive 70% recycled material in every bag. Not only that but TUMI Europe partners with 1% for the Planet and donates 1% from the sale of each bag to Waves for Water. The proceeds go towards providing access to clean water to every single person who needs it, using water filtration systems, bore-hole wells and rainwater harvesting systems.


The TUMI Recycled Capsule is offered in a range of styles and sizes, priced from £75 – £425. You can check out TUMI and their products online or instore now.

Stewart Thurlow

Stewart Thurlow

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