Truly Organic Foods

On our constant search for the best food, well the best healthy food…mostly, we came across Truly Organic Foods.

As most of us know by now, a lot of the food in our local grocery stores isn’t good for you, from preservatives to refined sugar, ingrigents that we can’t pronounce, there is just a lot of things we should not be eating.

When we start to realize that this has a direct tie with our health and can really effect our day to day, from sleeping to energy levels, and really everything in between, it really makes you think, maybe it’s time I start paying attention to what I put in my body.

Now I’m not saying you should throw everything in your fridge and pantry out, really quite the opposite, it all starts with just changing a few different products at first and then as time goes by, with a little work and thought you find that you start replacing more and more.

So we thought we would show you a few keys products that we replaced and now love.

First a big switch that really does make a huge difference is refined sugar, after you remove that, there is no going back. We would suggest Organic Coconut Sugar. Next we replaced out olive oil, as there are a lot of “olive oils” out there that aren’t even made with olive oil, or only have a small portion that is, so we would suggest trying Ice Pressed Olive Oil. Next we wanted to tackle our snacking habit, which if done right can actually be really healthy for you, we really enjoyed the Healthy Raw Vegan Bars, which have no sugar added and come in great flavours like Cacao & Goji Bar, Cinnamon & Maca, and Coconut & Lemon. The last suggestion we have for everyone, but especially the ones of us who get a lot of physical activity is protein and we really love the 100% Organic Sunflower Protein Powder.

So there you have it, some small changes you can make in your diet, that can really have some big effects, and really we all want to live a better life, and it all gets better one small informed choice at a time.

For full product lines from Truly Organic Foods visit their website today!



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