Travelling With Kids Is About Managing Mishaps

Travelling with kids is a delicate art that combines a lot of packing and even more patience. Indeed, keeping your kids entertained can be challenging, especially if you’re travelling long distances. Thankfully, you can look for a travel nanny and fun breaks to make sure that your little ones stay happy.

Indeed, looking after children can be stressful, especially as they are likely to panic and break in tears if something goes wrong. Unfortunately, you can’t prevent mishaps. But when you’re travelling with kids, you should learn how to best manage some of the most annoying situations. Ultimately, managing mishaps is what transforms your trip into a relaxing and happy holiday!


#1 Fear: The car broke down

The last thing you want to experience is a breakdown when you’re driving to your holiday destination. Indeed, it’s already difficult to manage kids’ expectations – and the constant “are we there yet?” question – but when you are stranded by a mechanical fault, it becomes impossible to keep your cool.

Even the most thorough servicing can’t prevent car problems. But thankfully, you can keep in your phone contacts the number of a reliable car recovery service to make sure you’re not stuck on the side of the road for too long. Additionally, it’s a good idea to consider cover for your second-hand vehicle – GWC Warranty Reviews give a quick overview of what to expect from repair protection and how it can help you to stick to your budget when you’re travelling. However, to avoid the worst, you should always book a servicing appointment before departure!


#2 Fear: We’ve missed the flight

Not every family travels on the road. If you’re flying, you know that the plane won’t wait for you – while there are exceptions, such as if the airline is aware that you’ve already checked-in and are clearing security, they are more likely to delay departure by a few minutes. But, ultimately, if you’ve missed your flight, you might find yourself in a spot of trouble. However, you can take travel insurance to protect yourself from unexpected accidents, such as being involved in a car collision. Additionally, cancelled flights are generally covered by the airline agreement. Indeed, you need to read your contract carefully to protect your contractual rights in case of cancellation. You might be entitled a refund, or you could embark on the next flight.


#3 Fear: The kids are sick

What happens if your child develops worrying symptoms while you’re on holiday? As a parent, you don’t have to worry: travel insurance cover offers the protection you need. Depending on the protection you’ve chosen, your medical expenses can be covered fully or partially, which means that you don’t have to rush back home to receive treatment. Additionally, you can also ask for a translator if you’re in a foreign country.


#4 Fear: We’ve lost our passports

You’re coming back from the beach, and suddenly you’ve realized your son dropped his passport. It can be difficult to retrieve lost documents, but you should nevertheless inform the local police station in case someone brought them the passport. Additionally, your embassy is used to dealing with similar issues, so that you can get a replacement passport in record time.


Managing your worst case scenario fear when travelling is key to enjoying your holiday. Thankfully, you can find plenty of solutions to the most common kid travel troubles!

Stewart Thurlow

Stewart Thurlow

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Stewart Thurlow