TravelAddict Ascends Cameron Highlands

Malaysia’s Cameron Highlands is home to sprawling tea plantations and the magical mossy forest (which looks like something out of a fairytale). Going up to 5,200 ft above sea level, it’s a nice break from the heat I had become used to in my travels accross Asia.

Though sites of interest are widely spread out, if you have the time and stamina you can explore on your own. Otherwise there are loads of tour agencies in town happy to sell you full or half day packages. I was short on time so took a half day tour to try and cram in as such as possible. It began with a walk through the Boh tea plantation followed by tea time.

cameron highlands boh tea plantation travel malaysia

Next up was the mossy forest – and one can see where it got its name!

cameron highlands mossy forest travel malaysia nature

The butterfly museum was next on the agenda, and it ended up being cooler than I thought with not only beautiful butterflies but flowers, cacti, snakes, and insects as well.

cameron highlands butterfly park malaysia

cameron highlands malaysia turtle


cameron highlands malaysia flowers

Lastly was a strawberry plantation. This was the least exciting stop along the way, unless you absolutely adore strawberries, then maybe you could take advantage of the strawberry-flavoured-everything store.

I stayed in a lovely place a short walk from the town centre called De’Native Guest House. They offer dorm hostel beds as well as private rooms, bamboo huts, a firepit, an outdoor open-air kareoke bar, and a very friendly owner.


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