Travel Essentials for that dreaded red eye flight

Ah the dreaded red eye! Anyone who travels for work probably understands the desperate resolution of having to settle for a red eye between Toronto and Vancouver. Dragging yourself to the airport after a late dinner send off, dreading the Monday morning meeting at 8:00am. No? Just me? I know I’m not alone.

Sure, I’m lucky. I get to travel frequently for work, and I still get super excited about going to the airport (I’m only 30 so maybe that will change soon), overpriced Starbucks tea in hand, cute rollie hand luggage that may or may not have been selected deliberately to maximize matching outfit potential, and comfy sneakers. I’ve got packing down to an art. But what about coming back home? Heading straight to that meeting fresh from a restless night trying to get comfortable in an airplane seat and wondering if you’ll have enough time to slap on a full face of make up on the train.

Enter- my backpack essentials. Here are the handy hints and super savers that help get me through that sunrise landing.

Hydration is key

The absolute FIRST thing to do, besides chug a giant bottle of water, is to keep hydrated. These Lypsyl Original Lip Balms infused with coconut oil will keep your lips conditioned all night. Drench your lips before you fall asleep, and let them work their overnight magic.

Nap if you can

No matter how you pack, a carry on essential to never forget is an eye mask, and noise cancelling headphones if you have the space to accommodate.  Suit up and block out the cabin sights and sounds while letting your flight attendant know to give you a nudge an hour before landing.  Grabbing a couple of z’s on the flight is the best use of your time if you can manage it.  Traveling with an eye mask is always a good idea; this way you can be better rested while away (eye masks help ensure deeper and more restful sleep) and you can pull it out to help you nap on the red eye home.  This beauty from Cilque will look chic on your flight and feel luxurious no matter when and where you use it.

Freshen up before the flight lands

If you’ve managed to nap and even if you haven’t, you’ll still need to refresh yourself before taking on the day upon landing.  Gone are the days when the airline would provide overnight kits for overnight flights. Goodbye mini toothbrushes and face wipes, hello ripe breath.  Wake up and head straight to the bathroom and pull out these Elizabeth Grant Caviar Cellular Recharge Super Eye Pads.  They’ll get rid of puffy eyes in a pinch. Pop them on while you brush your teeth with the ESSENTIAL Carry Clean Travel Pack. The cute little toothbrush comes with a travel-sized toothpaste and slips neatly into any bag or purse. I highly recommend grabbing a few and keeping them in your bag for any night out… wink wink!

Lastly, wipe that night off with Yes To Cucumbers Soothing Facial Wipes, and chug more water (just not from the bathroom tap!).

Finish with your favorite moisturizer and then get ready to wow everyone at that meeting by looking completely unruffled from that notorious red eye!

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Azra Gani

Azra Gani

Azra is a bonafide frequent flyer who's often approached for hot tips and local guides to the cities she's visited. To Az, the beauty of travel is that every city and experience is unique and ever changing. She loves to provide recommendations and rough itineraries to the cities she's been to, but as a rule, she encourages everyone to use them as a jumping point, and create their own adventure! Keep up with Az the travel addict on instagram ( and get inspired to visit somewhere new today!