Translating Your Gaming Skills Into Real-World Skills

The video game industry was once something thought of as a sideshow and by some uneducated people a bit of a freak show. In the late 90s, the culture around videos games began to change and a competitive scene was well and truly alive. In the beginnings, it was kind of like a bandwagon that just went from state to state holding tournaments. There was the usual clique that attended the tournaments and from then on it grew and grew. And now we’re here, the video gaming industry dwarfs the movie industry and it’s well over a trillion dollar monster by now. Quite rightfully so as most people can acknowledge the painstaking effort and trouble it takes to make a modern video game. Right up at the tip of the spear is competitive gaming. It’s now seen as a sport and gamers around the globe take their skills and dedication seriously. But games often mimic real life. So this raises the question, after all, is said and done, can you translate your gaming skills into real-world skills?


Letting fly


In many modern shooters, there is an oversaturation of guns. They are instant kill weapons that almost every first-person shooter franchise prides themselves on making as realistic as possible. However a recent trend has popped up that introduces crossbows, recurve bows and longbows into these sorts of games. The younger generation has only probably experienced such ancient weapons through their favourite video game. But seeing is believing which is why you should test out your archery skills in real life. Putting your foot through the door in the archery world is actually very easy. Many sports centres and dedicated archery companies offer beginners classes at low prices. Y’all don’t have to buy anything, to begin with, either. Archery lovers know that the sport can burrow a little hole in their wallets so it’s best to see if you really like the sport before committing to anything. You can use the equipment at the archery club of your choice just as you are learning and getting the hang of it. Soon you can enter into tournaments and win prizes as well as cash checks.



Tactically minded


Modern warfare experts are astonished at how video games have introduced people of all ages into the tactical mindset of the modern soldier. Perhaps the most competitive scene in all of gaming is first-person shooters. We’ve all played the biggest franchises such as Battlefield, Call of Duty and Counter-Strike, at some point. So could you translate your tactical brain into a real-world scenario? If you think you can, then Paintballing Canada is just the right kind of atmosphere you want to be in. Book you and your groups of friends in for a day of tactical warfare where you’ll be transported onto a large battlefield. They have all the equipment you will need including, a camouflage baggy comfortable suit, FT-12 paintball gun, gloves and goggles. The scenarios you can choose to fight in vary but they have something for everyone. Pick from a D-Day storming the beaches battle, charging for a castle, a jungle tropic firefight, or even a prison break insertion style battle to name a few.


Just because you haven’t done something you do regularly in video games in real life, doesn’t mean you can’t. Our minds have been trained by the games we play and all we need to do is translate those skills into real action.


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