Top Tips for Planning a Big Event

From organising a charity fundraiser to picking the perfect venue for your wedding, a lot goes into planning a big event.

So, to help make sure it goes without a hitch, here are some top tips as to what you’ll need to consider at each step of your event planning:


  1. Choose the Ideal Venue

The venue is integral to your event, which is why you need to ensure it complements the theme of your event. For example, a marquee in the middle of an idyllic farmyard may be perfect for a country-style wedding but not so great for an important business conference.

Look around for suitable venues based on your location and create a shortlist of potential ones before arranging to visit a select few. This will help you narrow down your choices and gain a better idea of what’s out there and what will work best for you and your event. Why not check out the best corporate catering Toronto has to offer for inspiration. 


  1. Consider the Catering

Does the venue you’ve chosen offer on-site catering facilities, or will you need to hire caters to come to the location? All of these are important details that will need addressing from the get-go.

You’ll also want to make sure the catering choice is in keeping with the event style and theme (which we’ll come to next). And it’s important to cater for a variety of different dietary requirements, too, especially when it’s for a corporate occasion. 

Again, shortlist several caterers (if you need to do this) or sample the menu on offer at your venue. The food served up at your event has the chance to make it an overwhelming success or downright disaster, so always choose carefully and ensure you’ve sampled the offerings yourself first! 


  1. Pick a Theme

Sometimes, a theme may not be suitable – e.g. getting businesspeople to dress up as their favourite Disney characters for a formal corporate event wouldn’t go down too well. But more often than not, you can introduce a theme to create an overall impact, even if it doesn’t involve getting dressed up.

For example, black and white colour schemes create a truly sophisticated look for an event, and it’s not too much of an ask to request that guests wear these colours too.

Or, for light-hearted, fun-injected evenings, why not go all out with an off-the-wall theme and fancy dress? This can really make your event stand out from the crowd – but again, be sure to tie all of this in with your venue and catering, otherwise, it might seem more random than refined.

Other key things to consider from the start are the number of guests you’re inviting, how much notice you’ll need to give them and what transport/hotel facilities there are nearby. Considering all of these early on in your event planning will help you avoid any unwanted hiccups further down the line.

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