Top 7 Best Haircut Styles For Men To Get

If you’re searching for the best haircuts for men, these cool men’s hairstyles and haircuts will certainly inspire you to visit your local barbershop.

Young men are definitely at an interesting time in their lives. They are just coming into their own in terms of personal identity, character, career, and ambitions. In the same light, guys start to pay more attention to their outward appearance and cultivate a sense of style at this stage. This is where a good, trendy haircut comes in. Having a modern hairstyle instantaneously improves that image of success and coolness that most young men crave at this critical juncture.

The best hairstyles for young guys are as stylish as they are versatile. This is because it’s extremely important for them to have a professional look for school or work, but also one that is fun and fashionable for a party with friends.

Here are the most popular haircuts for guys to get right now!


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The fade haircut is one of the hottest haircuts around these days. What most people don’t realize is that it has been around forever. As a matter of fact, it’s actually the foundation for most cuts and styles that we see today.

It’s no wonder why it’s a favourite hairstyle among young men. Not only does it provide a fresh look, but it’s also relatively easy to style.

As the name suggests, the fade literally refers to a fading of the hair — meaning hair is gradually cut shorter and shorter down the nape of the neck, as well as the sides of the head, until it blends into the skin.

The taper fade is the most common type as this can be expanded to other trendy hairstyles. However, there are different kinds of fade haircuts to consider, including the low, mid, high taper fade. The low fade offers a more professional look, the mid-fade can be for something more casual, and the high taper is the edgy version.





The undercut is very similar to the fade. The only distinct difference is hair is cut at the same length, instead of being blended shorter. What makes the undercut really unique is the noticeable difference in length of the sides and the top and the lack of a fade.

The slicked back undercut is quite a ubiquitous hairstyle these days since it is preferred by hipsters and millennials. This is normally characterized by some very cool and unique styling on top with the undercut completing the overall edgy look.

Despite this daring look, it’s still very much a classy hairstyle.


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No doubt, the quiff is one of the top haircuts for young men, mostly because of how well it flows. This works best with hair that is thick and slightly wavy.

Barbers would leave three to four inches of hair on top which can be styled to a quiff, and keep the sides tapered, making it a great combination of fun and professional.


Comb Over



Another great haircut option is the comb-over. Often dismissed as the go-to hairstyle for thinning and balding middle-aged men, the comb-over is so much more than that. Essentially, the longer top part of the comb-over fade is brushed to one side to create a textured, polished look.

As one of the best short hairstyles and an excellent yet versatile look, the comb-over has been a consistent trend for guys.


Slicked Back Hair




The slick back hairstyle of the roaring 1950s has been making a renaissance of sorts in this modern-day incarnation. It’s a style that’s been synonymous with rebellious for decades but also works quite well in a formal setting, making it the perfect combination of business and casual.

With the help of pomade or wax, hair is essentially brushed back with minimal styling but plenty of serious volume in a slicked back style. It can be made even more interesting by combining it with a nice fade or undercut or even both. To give it more texture and volume, mousse or cream often does the trick.


Faux Hawk



A mohawk requires plenty of courage and a great deal of commitment. For young men who like the look of it but are not quite keen on the idea of looking so outlandish, there is the faux hawk, which is really fast becoming a classic hairstyle.

Most commonly, a faux hawk involves a short fade on the sides and two to four inches of length on the top. This longer top can then be styled into spikes or simply kept textured and messy with styling gel or pomade. For those who want it even closer to an actual mohawk, go for a high bald fade to make the long hair on top really stand out when styled.

The faux hawk works best when the spikes are more defined and kept very high. High-shine pomade often does the trick of making the faux hawk really stand out. For a more low-key and messy but textured look, a matte product works better.


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Messy Hair



Indeed, nothing says effortless more than messy hair. No wonder this is the hairstyle of choice of the cool young teenagers. It also helps that messy styles work with just about all kinds of hair types at just about any length.

It doesn’t matter if the hair is long, short, wavy, curly, or straight — just slap on a little styling product and mess it up for that just-got-out-of-bed dishevelled and tousled look.

It’s not a surprise that it’s a top hairstyle for young men in college. With very little effort involved, messy hair effortlessly gives the wearer a rugged yet boyish look that will surely turn heads and break hearts.

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