Top 5 Men’s SS19 Streetwear Trends

The skies are becoming clearer. Temperatures are beginning to rise. The last of the Christmas chocolates have been well and truly devoured. That’s right, folks— despite what Game of Thrones might keep telling us, the winter season is finally coming to an end.

Of course, this means it’s almost time to discard your thick parka jacket for yet another year, and instead start updating your wardrobe with brand-new shirts, tees, vests and shorts. However, the arrival of a new season always provides us with fresh fashion trends and innovative new styles, and you’ll need to know exactly what SS19 is bringing to the table if you really want to up your streetwear game.

Fortunately, we’re helping you get started on your next shopping spree, because these are the men’s SS19 streetwear trends you need to know ahead of the new season.


Retro Tracksuits

Yep, the UK’s love affair with the 1990’s doesn’t look like ending any time soon. The nation remains obsessed with Nintendo games consoles, Matt LeBlanc sitcoms and, more importantly, eye-catching retro tracksuits.
Sportswear giants such as Nike and adidas are still famous for their iconic 90’s tracksuits, offering designs rich with unique colour combinations and bold patterns. The more popular tracksuits typically incorporate taped branding running prominently down the arms and legs, while the more garish designs are dripping with an unmistakeable sense of nostalgia.

These iconic tracksuits are coming back in a big way in SS19, with fashion brands all over the world unleashing their own vintage-style hoodies and joggers. Although they perhaps won’t feature much at the track or gym anymore, you should certainly expect to see plenty of old-school tracksuits on the high street this season.


Bold Dip Dye and Check Patterns

In fact, bold patterns seem to be all the rage ahead of SS19, regardless of whether you want to go for that stylish retro look or not. Striking dip dye designs have been making their way onto plenty of hoodies, tees and joggers recently, preparing to add an extra splash of colour to the spring and summer seasons.

These stylish designs typically incorporate two contrasting colours and a gradual fade effect, melding both shades together to provide a fresh, summery look. Alternatively, you might want to consider a striking check pattern, as windowpane, gingham and buffalo designs are now being used across all kinds of stylish menswear.
Perhaps more closely associated with sharp suits and comfortable flannel shirts, check patterns are now bringing a certain sense of style to the world of urban menswear, featuring on smart jogging bottoms and statement hoodies.


Cross-Body Bags

Wearable, practical bags were a big feature of last year’s SS19 fashion shows. To be more specific, compact cross-body bags seemed particularly popular, and it won’t be long now until we start seeing this functional style rolling out on the high street.

Although the very notion of wearing a bum-bag might cause a serious upturning of the nose, the latest style involves wearing a bag across your chest to provide a unique statement look. Even if this sort of style isn’t really for you, at least you’ll always have somewhere handy to keep your phone and wallet.


Tapered Jeans and Joggers

When you invest in a fresh pair of trainers, you’ll naturally want to show them off whenever possible. Well, this is exactly why tapered jeans and joggers have become so popular in recent times, since the tighter fit around the ankles ensures your footwear isn’t obscured by any overhanging material.

Slim-fit and skinny jeans are typically the most popular cuts for this purpose, although there’s also nothing wrong with wearing straight-leg or looser fitting designs—so long as they’re cropped or tapered at the ankles. If you’re hoping to achieve the ultimate laid-back look for SS19, then we recommend going for destroyed or ripped jeans this season, since these will obviously feel far less restrictive in warmer weather and help keep things ultra-casual.


Bright Colours

To truly embrace the spring and summer seasons, you need to brighten things up a bit. Now that the dreary greys of winter are almost behind us, it’s time to update your wardrobe with vibrant shades of red, yellow, orange and whichever bright colours happen to take your fancy. Whether you’re stocking up on brand-new hoodies, tees, vests or going for a full tracksuit, SS19 is all about large pops of colour and statement styles.

Stewart Thurlow

Stewart Thurlow

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Stewart Thurlow