Top 5 Hair Extension Brands For A Smashing Hairdo

Hair extensions are chic hair styling accessories that step up the beauty and dazzling appearance of your locks. They allow you to try on different types of hairdos. With a nice pair of i-tap, clip-in, flat-tap or tape-in hair extensions, you have got the perfect styling tool to add more volume, length, and zip to your tassels. As there are multitudes of top quality brands in the market, you might be wondering what length, type or texture you should use. Whatever wefts you buy, always make sure the product is from a reliable hair extensions manufacturer. Below you will find top five brands; pick any of the following for a stunning look.


Youngraceful Hair Extensions

These are one of the best hair extensions for beginners & experts alike with an impressive set of wefts pertaining to all application types such as tape-in, keratin, all-flat-tip, clip-ins, and even i-pins. You can also purchase compatible styling tools that go with these nice extensions. Made of real human hair follicles, you can clip in with minimal effort.


Halo Hair Extensions

One of the top brands around, Halo Extensions are accessible in various types, sizes, and colours to perfectly match your curly or flat tassels. Whether you are searching for a custom-made clip-in or a flat-tap, these are just the pair of high-quality wefts your hair needs to jack up the spunk. With 35 different shades to pick from, all crafted using 100% Indian Remy Hair, you have the flexibility to choose a nice pair that matches your real locks. The brand also offers a slew of technical extensions like a micro loop, nano ring extensions, nail tip and stick tips with lengths ranging from 16 inches to 24 inches.


Klix Hair Extensions

Klix hair extensions are durable wefts that come in a bout of stylish hues, textures, and lengths. You can select according to application type, length or thickness. Designed using a special system of application consisting of silicone-lined micro clips, these offer a quick clip-in to save you extra time & effort. Made using 100% Indian Remy hair, these are easy to apply and remove with the flexibility to style the human hair using any nice tool for a stunning hairdo.


Hotheads Hair Extensions

Known for its innovative hair extensions that come with adhesives, Hotheads products offer you a strong grip. They save you time and unnecessary hassle. These durable extensions come in different shades & sizes. You can use at least 3-4 times without going derelict. Made from 100% Indian Remy human hair, you can keep these wefts affixed in your real hair for up to a month. Subsequently, you have to redo the application or fix it up a bit. Since it is made from real human follicles, you can easily style them into any nice hairdo with the right tool without having to go to a salon or hair expert.


Great Lengths Hair Extensions

If you are looking for some great variety of shades, textures, and wefts with modish highlights or lowlights, I suggest buying a good pair of Great Lengths clip-ins. With up to 80cm wefts made of reliable components including real human hair featuring chic hues and sparkling Swarovski crystals, this is surely a label you want to try. You can also grab top quality Ombre, high-graded hair strands with multiple tones for the best match.

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