Top 4 U.S. Travel Destinations to Enjoy Each Season for What It Brings

When it comes to travel, it’s pretty safe to say that the summer months are the most popular among avid travellers. The Washington Post conducted a survey asking 1,000 Americans their favourite months and the result showed that the summer months came in first while the winter months came in dead last!


It’s so common for people to travel to warmer destinations during the colder months, but what if you’re a traveller who loves to travel regardless of what season it is. Well, that’s what we’re here to dig deeper into. This article is for travellers who enjoy all seasons. In fact, this is for travellers that embrace and welcome the good, the bad, and the ugly of all seasons!


Winter: Livingston Manor, New York

Instead of going to a warm destination (like most travellers do) to escape the cold winter months, why not brave the elements of winter and go to a location where winter is truly winter? If you’ve never experienced a “true winter,” then you need to head to Livingston, New York and check out The Arnold House!


Located in the Catskills, The Arnold House is host to their annual Ice Derby which takes place on the property’s Shandalee Lake. Visitors to this wintery getaway can enjoy all aspects of comfort, relaxation, and all things country!


As far as the activities at The Arnold House, you can enjoy snowshoeing, visits to the brewery, campfires, and skiing! The rooms at this country oasis include antique furniture and vintage fixtures as well as luxury bedding and towels with a minimalistic design scheme.


Spring: Holland, Michigan

Holland, Michigan is a town that was founded by Dutch immigrants. This town hosts a big celebration in May in honour of the Dutch flower, the tulip. During this time, the town’s downtown area is covered in millions of colourful tulips.


If you’re travelling during the spring season and want to enjoy all things spring, then come to Holland, Michigan and engage in the annual Tulip Time Festival. The Tulip Time Festival is a celebration that pays tribute to Holland heritage with parades, concerts, traditional dancing, arts and crafts, and many more activities.


Summer: San Francisco, California

Rice-a-Roni had it right with the slogan of “A San Francisco treat” because soon as you get to this historical city, you will certainly be in for a wonderful treat! Visitors can take in the city’s rich history with a cruise on the bay to the famous Alcatraz, which housed well-known mobsters Al Capone and “Machine Gun” Kelly.


Whether you’re actually travelling to San Francisco or enduring a layover, you should take any opportunity you have to explore this iconic city! There are already so many attractions in the city to explore but one opportunity you absolutely cannot miss out on is fishing the San Francisco Bay!


Pack all the right fishing equipment and fish like the pros! According to the California Department of Fishing and Wildlife, there are peak months that you can catch certain types of fish. May-August, you’re likely to catch California Halibut and April- September, you have a great chance of catching Striped Bass!


Fall: Jackson Hole, Wyoming

In Jackson Hole, September and October are the best times to visit. During the fall, you want to be sure to pack warm clothing for the many activities visitors can experience during their visit, including:


  • Fall Arts Festival
  • Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival
  • Hot Springs


You’ll not only be able to enjoy the beautiful fall colours of this fall destination, but you can also enjoy the many biking trails, as well as see the beautiful scenery when you drive the Inner Loop Road! If you haven’t been to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, do yourself a favour and plan your trip to this rustic oasis today!

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