Todd Kerns Tour Diary – Episode 4: Time Traveling 

As the Age of Electric comes to Ontario, Todd Kerns reflects on the journey so far.

Hamilton, Ontario

April 12

The funny thing about touring is it can feel as though you have been on the road for a year or a a day at exactly the same time. Our first show in Vancouver on March 24th seems so long ago at the moment yet I feel like I could stay out here for months and months.

That pirate blood never thins. It’s always there. Once you acclimate to the pace you can ride that wave a long time. Sure you miss your family, friends, your home but out here playing music is what you were out on this planet to do and you are only doing what comes as naturally to you as breathing.

Since I last checked in we have (time) traveled through the Canadian prairies where we all grew up. The Exchange in Regina was a rowdy homecoming. Especially considering we were there on a Tuesday night. The brothers Dahle both grew up there. I lived there for a couple of years after highschool before my sojourn west and eventually south.

Then on to O’Brians in Saskatoon where I have equally deep roots. I grew up 70 miles east of the city and trips to Saskatoon were many. I saw my first concerts there. There I would sneak into bars underage to watch national acts. In many ways the seeds of my musical obsession were sown there.

As always there are many friends and family to be reacquainted with while on tour. We saw people in Saskatchewan we haven’t seen in years which is always amazing.

Nashville’s in Winnipeg was the 3rd gig of 4 in a row without a day off. This means traveling overnight across the country. Damned pirates.

Winnipeg is another home away from home for us. Videos for “Ugly” and “Untitled” were shot there. Getting to Winnipeg in our early days was a big deal to us. We had only ever played Alberta and Saskatchewan in the very beginning.

Nashville’s was a blast. Leads one to wonder if there is a club called Winnipeg’s in Nashville…

The final of the four in a row was our gateway to the east, Crocks in Thunder Bay. Crocks has been our stop on the way to Southern Ontario since the very beginning. Any band crossing this country has stopped there at least once.

The people of Thunder Bay are extremely appreciative of the bands that travel there. I hope it won’t have to be 20 years til the next time. To be fair I have been through T-Bay a few times with Slash and the guys over the years in between.

We began our visit to southern Ontario at the L3 in St Catharines. St Catharines has always been a huge supporter of AOE. A big part of that is the support we get from their amazing radio station HTZ FM. They are very gracious to us. St Catharines proved to be just as welcoming in 2017 as they had been in 1997 or 98. An amazing way to start this trip to southern Ontario.

I will always remember this tour as singing “Remote Control” with Ryan Dahle early in the day with acoustic guitars at radio stations and TV stations across Canada.  Always a challenge waking the voice up that early but I never back away from that sort of fun.

So now we make our way on to Waterloo for show #2 of this Southern Ontario trip which will also be the first of five shows in a row for The Age Of Electric. To put that in perspective we only do 3 in a row at max with Slash. Any sensible singer allows himself time to heal. I’ve never been accused of being sensible.

These shows being all in a row means they will go very fast. I’m really not ready for this to wrap up at all. Like I said once you’re acclimated you could stay out here forever. Unfortunately, these pirates will be steering off in four different directions until our next adventure.

In the meantime, we are making Waterloo our next port. Be ye warned!

Your loyal and humble servant,

Todd Dammit

(Todd Kerns-AOE)


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