Todd Kerns honoured with BC Walk of Fame induction

Today, Canadian musician Todd “Dammit” Kerns will be receiving a star on the B.C. Walk of Fame.  And in true rockstar fashion, he’ll will commemorate the event with a sold out show at The Roxy Cabaret tonight.

Todd Kerns rose to fame in Canada’s rock scene as the front man for Age of Electric, a band of brothers (Todd and his brother John Kerns on bass and Dahle brothers Ryan on guitar and Kurt on drums).  The band released two independent cassettes in the early 90’s before hitting commercial success with their independent Ugly EP in 1993, followed by their self titled  full length release in 1995.  Age of Electric won the band the attention of Universal records, earning them a worldwide record deal with Mercury Records in the US with distribution still in place with Universal Canada. They released Make a Pest a Pet, with the infectious first single “Remote Control” becoming a smash radio hit.

Soon the brothers went there separate ways, but music remained Todd’s career and life.  He formed follow-up band Static in Stereo for a time, before landing the gig of a lifetime, performing with Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators.  When they’re not holding the title for best hair in the biz, Slash, Todd and company tour the wobringingning the joy of rock to music fans everywhere.

Outside of his work with Slash, Kerns has worked with Bruce Kulick of KISS fame, and on the award-winning show, “Raiding the Rock Vault”, resulting in his receiving the key to the city of Branson, Missouri. He also helped found Toque, a band that covers the best of Canadian rock who look to release their second album next month. Kerns has appeared on albums by The Matthew Good Band, Bif Naked, and The Neverending White Lights. He has produced, and written with, many artists resulting in radio charting songs.

Now, Todd’s many accomplishments are being recognized by B.C. Entertainment with a star on their walk of fame, and a huge party to celebrate it all.  We asked Todd what this honor meant to him, and here’s what he had to say:

“Being inducted into the BC Entertainment Hall Of Fame is such an unexpected honour that I very nearly couldn’t believe it to be true at first.

The city of Vancouver has been so good to me. It shaped me and strengthened me. It prepared me for what lay beyond.  When I first came to Vancouver I wandered her streets with little in my pocket but a dream in my heart. I wandered Granville Street to the clubs and stores and restaurants so many of which have changed yet some remain.

To have my own BC Entertainment Hall Of Fame star right there on that very Street is nothing I could have imagined almost 30 years ago. For my children and my parents, who all reside in Vancouver now, to be able to walk past it on a regular basis means the world to me. It is truly surreal.

In this industry there is a great deal of sacrifice, ups and downs, feast and famine. Having recognition of this magnitude makes it all come into very clear perspective. This industry can harden people. It can make them cynical. Not me so much. I always tend to keep my head in the clouds. Keep on dreaming. Keep reaching. Keep flying. Crazy things happen every day. All it takes is a song. Or a show. Or a recording. The next thing you know your name is embedded in the streets of a city that already has your heart.

I can’t I imagine a greater honour. Thank you to all who made this a reality. Thank you to the BC Entertainment Hall Of Fame for letting me be a part of their family. Thank you to the people of Vancouver who I always considered a part of my family. ”

Congratulations Todd on this well earned honor!

Keep up with Todd on his musical adventures through his website and social media below.


Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly