Tips to Create High Quality Social Media Videos

Social media users watch a lot of videos. The statistics bear that out, with users on Facebook alone watching over 8 billion videos – daily.


The popularity and prevalence of videos on social media have raised expectations, and low-quality videos aren’t going to cut it. If you want your brand’s content to stand out you need to up your game and start to produce high quality, impressive videos.


That may seem difficult, but there are a few tips that you can leverage to put you on the right track:


  • Use good lighting

Good lighting is key to improving the quality of your videos and making them look impressive. Overall your goal should be to use lighting that is soft and diffused, and if possible you may want to set up a three-point lighting solution.


For outdoor videos the time of day that you shoot is key, and the golden hour, in particular, has excellent lighting.


  • Manage the audio quality

The audio quality of your video needs to be managed, or it will drag down the perceived quality of the entire video. The focus should be on making sure the audio sounds crisp and clear – typically by using a good microphone of the right type and minimizing the background noise.


It may be easier to record audio voiceovers separately (and in a quiet location) or remove the audio track and replace it with background music.


  • Stabilize the camera

Keeping the camera stable will help you to avoid shaky videos that look blurry and indistinct. While there are several rigs that can stabilize it, one of the easiest options is to use a tripod stand and record from a fixed location.


  • Frame the video carefully

Try to pay close attention to the composition of your video when you frame it. Turning on the grid can help you to make sure the video is level, and it will enable you to use the rule of thirds to position elements.


  • Cut together a smooth video

Most social media videos will need to be cut together in a video editor, and when you do your focus should be on making it smooth. Using the right types of cuts and avoiding jump cuts can ensure your video isn’t too jarring for viewers.


Aside from that, you should try to also make sure there are no flash frames left in when you edit video, and should try to avoid any cuts that disjoint the audio or video in any way.


Overall these tips should let you create social media videos that are a step up in terms of quality. That, in turn, should let you set your brand apart on social media, and draw the attention of more viewers.


Make no mistake there are lots of other factors that can affect the quality of your social media videos as well – and you should try to practice, learn from your mistakes, and make further improvements.




Founder, CEO at Addicted
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