Tips for Saving on Shipping

Have you spent hours trawling for the best way to send parcels and packages? Are you finding it a bit pricey? Whether you’re running your own business and need to regularly post your products out or you have family and friends over the pond, sending stuff across the Atlantic can be a breeze if you know where to look.

To keep costs down, follow these top tips.


How Much is it Worth?

Before you can send your parcel off, it’s important to know its value. If you’re sending pricey bits to the UK or you’re trying to get your goods to New York, it can be costly. By using cheap, yet clever, packaging, you can reduce these costs.

An important packaging point to consider includes making sure the box is the right fit for your parcel. Major e-commerce companies are trying to combat packaging waste, and with recent initiatives to tackle plastic usage in place, it’s time to follow suit.

Also, instead of shelling out for foam peanuts, stuff your boxes with old newspapers and magazines. This will keep the valuables safe cheaply while helping to recycle.


Do Your Research

There are lots of couriers to choose from, each offering international posting services. It’s worth shopping around to find one that is the best value for money for the things you want to send.

Compare courier prices and get some quotes before you commit to your carrier. You may be surprised by what comes out as the cheapest option for what you need to send.


Don’t be Loyal

On the subject of carriers, don’t feel the need to be loyal. If you’re sending out a few different packages, get a few quotes for the different sizes and weights. You may find that if you need to send something small to America, you’ll choose one carrier, and for larger products, you find a different courier service that can do you a better deal.

Look at your options and if you’re sending things regularly, check for the best deal every time. You could find that the cheapest option last time isn’t the right fit this time.


Be Accurate

Getting the weight of your parcel right may seem a bit obvious but being even a kilogram out can affect the amount you pay. If you need to regularly have parcels couriered, it could be easy to estimate the weight, but this could see you start to lose money. Invest in some good scales and make sure you’re getting a good deal for the weight you need to ship.



Will you be sending your goods across the pond? Are you thinking of using these tips to save you some money?  



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