Tips and Tricks for Transcribing Videos Quicker and Easier

Do you need a lot of videos, transcribed? If this is something that you do regularly, you know how long it can take. This is particularly true if it is a complicated topic. Sometimes, this is time you do not have to spare. Instead of worrying and stressing about the time, it’s taking to transcribe videos; there are some tricks you can try out.


Purchase Noise-Canceling Headphones

If transcribing videos is something that your business needs to be regularly doing, you are going to have to invest in the process. In other words, you need the proper equipment to get the job done correctly. Let’s start by purchasing noise-cancelling headphones. It is going to make the task of transcribing easier since you can avoid distractions. Plus, if there is a lot of white noise in the audio, noise-canceling headphones are going to help you concentrate and be as accurate as possible.


Use a Foot Pedal

It does not matter how fast your typing speed is, you have got to take time and stop the audio so that you can catch up with the transcription. But you may be aware of how annoying it can be to use your mouse to stop the sound. This can mean you are transcribing from memory and have to continually keep putting the audio back to catch all of the words.

But there is a way to boost your productivity and make transcribing easier for yourself. You can invest in a foot pedal. This is going to help you with audio playback. All you have to do is tap the foot pedal to stop the audio, and you can continue typing without interruption. The whole process is more efficient.


Invest in Voice Transcription Software

Instead of having to sit down and listen to the audio for transcribing, you can try out voice transcription software instead. This is going to use smart technology to listen to the audio and turn it into the document you need. This is going to be a lot quicker if you have a deadline looming, as well as easier for you to complete the work. All you have to do is check the document afterwards to see that everything is correct. But the great thing about voice transcription software is that it is highly accurate and an excellent investment.


Learn to Boost Audio Quality

Unfortunately, when you are recording audio, you are not always aware of the quality until afterwards. There can be bad background noise that makes it hard to hear the speaker or perhaps the microphone is not picking up everything they are saying. Either way, if you learn how you can boost the audio quality, you can make transcription easier. For example, there are software programs you can use to reduce background noise, as well as give a volume boost to the audio. 


So there you have it, the tips and tricks from someone in the know. Happy Transcribing!


Mark Munroe is the Creator and EIC of ADDICTED. He's ADDICTED to great travel, amazing food, better grooming & probably a whole lot more!