Time To Lease: The Ultimate Guide To Leasing A Car

Many people are open to the idea of leasing a car but very few are aware of the steps one must follow in order to do so. If you happen to be one of these individuals, then you have come to the right place. Here is a helpful guide on how to go about leasing a car.


Find a Vehicle you like

The first step is to identify a car you would wish to have. This stage requires sufficient knowledge of the performance and the contractual issues involved order to identify what arrangement best suits you. It can’t hurt to receive some advice from professionals who would make the process easier for you. A professional will walk you through the factory options, required extras, the maintenance offers available etc. With regard to performance, one can easily browse online car reviews that will provide valuable insights.


Quote and Application Stage

Once you have identified the vehicle you like, the leasing company will send a quote to your email address. Once you peruse it and find it satisfactory, the next step would be to fill an application form. A link you can follow will be provided.


Credit Check and Approval

The application will then go through the company’s underwriting staff who will perform a credit check. Companies such as UK based ICL will first ensure that your credibility is evaluated. If everything is in order, you’ll be approved and the process of ordering the selected car can begin. Dealers will be contacted and you’ll be provided with an estimated date of delivery.


Securing your Vehicle

The leasing company will send an order form to your email address. You will be expected to review it and if you are satisfied with the date of delivery, you will be obliged to sign it before sending it back. The company will now have official authorization to secure the car.



The manufacturer would be ideally preparing to send over your car at this point. You will receive copies of the financial agreement from the leasing company. Such documents need to be signed and sent back before the car can be delivered.



The car will be delivered to you along with an acceptance note for you to sign. You can then enjoy your car while figuring out new ways to keep things interesting on the road.


The Best Service

Now that you are informed about the steps involved, the next task is choosing the ideal leasing company. Should you be seeking a car for personal or business reasons then you can never go wrong with Intelligent Car Leasing (ICL). We provide excellent services for a vast clientele in England, Wales and Scotland. Get in touch with us today and let us help you land a deal of a lifetime. We believe you deserve it!.




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