Throwback Thursday Live Music Edition – Gary Numan in Toronto

Written by guest writer and photographer Aron Harris. Aron is a designer/photographer/musician who drinks lots of coffee in Toronto. His photography can be seen at

*photos by Aron Harris

In 1979, Gary Numan and Tubeway Army released Replicas, a synth-heavy rock album with a loose concept centered around a dark future where the difference between human and machine is slight. The album was Numan’s first number one album in the UK and the beginning of his decades-long career. The next two albums, The Pleasure Principle and Telekon topped the charts as well and solidified Gary Numan as a singular electronic rock pioneer. Despite less hits and more misses in the years that followed, Numan’s music became darker, paving the way for future electro-goth artists.

Reliving the glory days, Numan is finishing a short tour of three-night stands in Toronto where he’ll play each of these groundbreaking albums in their entirety. The first show featured Replicas, mixing the album tracks for a stronger flow for a live show (or perhaps one that Numan had considered in hindsight). In addition to the album, he played a handful of songs from not only the albums to come, but as well from his last, Splinter: Songs From a Broken Mind and his first, Tubeway Army. Toronto has been a Numan stronghold from the start and the age-spanning crowd danced and sang along with the ‘Gothfather’. Backed by his young band, Numan posed and danced like a man half his age as he cycled between guitar and keyboards.

Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly