Throwback Thursday Live Music Edition: Khalid at the Air Canada Centre

I don’t shoot shows often anymore, so when I do it’s usually for an artist I’ve been dying to see live.  Khalid was one such artist, and I got the immense pleasure of seeing him perform at Toronto’s Scotiabank Theatre.

*all photos by me

The night of that show was one for the books either way.  It was my first time shooting at the huge arena, and Khalid is a powerhouse of an artist whose music I adore and there I was, inches away, working to immortalise his creative essence for eternity.

Not a bad day at the office if I do say so myself.

I’d never seen Khalid before, in fact I’d been lamenting not taking the chance to see him when I was at South by South West.  While I wish I’d seen him for that first time in a smaller venue, getting to see him at all, and up close from the photo pit definitely made up for the long wait.  The young artist seemed to be slightly stiff at first, something I read as nerves, which I found both sweet and charming.  It didn’t take long for Khalid to find his groove however, getting playful with his backup dancers, showing off some of his own dance moves and really just having a grand old time doing what he does best.  And that is music.

Khalid is both an amazing musician and a wonderful musical paradox.  His voice, so deep and full of wisdom, contrasts adorably with his earnest and unassuming lyrics.  It’s what drew me to Khalid in the first place; in fact it’s that juxtaposition that endears Khalid to such a wide audience.

While his talent was beyond his years, Khalid’s fanbase most certainly is not.  I was the oldest human present who did not attend with humans they made with their own bodies.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that a 21 year old artist has fans that are way under 21.  It’s a testament to my love of Khalid and his music that kept me there longer than a couple of songs, but it was his humble yet powerful stage presence and incredible voice that kept me there until the end.  And what an end it was.

Click here for Khalid’s setlist.


Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly