Throwback Thursday Live Music Edition: Danileigh dazzles at the Drake Hotel

It’s been a while since I’ve covered a live show in Toronto.  I took myself out of accidental music reviewer retirement to check out Danileigh at the Drake Hotel when she rolled into town on her first-ever solo tour, and this gal did not disappoint.

With a talent for singing, dancing, and creative directing, Danileigh is a triple threat that has been making waves in the music scene since before she could legally drive.  Born in 1994, the musically inclined Miami native started uploading cover videos to Youtube at just 14 years old.  She moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of stardom in 2011, and soon she was discovered by none other than Prince (yes that Prince).  The eccentric musician took Danileigh under his wing, and under his mentorship her artistry and talent blossomed.  She even directed his video for the single “Breakfast can wait”, taking on the persona of Prince himself in front of the camera.

From there, she appeared in music videos for Nelly Furtado and Daddy Yankee, and shared the stage as a dancer with Megan Trainor. The now 24-year-old phenom signed to legendary hip hop label Dej Jam back in 2017 and has been going nowhere but up ever since.  Her album The Plan dropped in November of last year, and the single “Lil Bebe” has been her breakout hit, the aptly named collaboration with another new powerhouse on the mainstream hip hop scene, Lil Baby.

This current tour is Danileigh’s first as a headliner, and her excitement and gratitude for the opportunity to shine was palpable.  In an era of overproduced, overly superficial popular hip hop, Danileigh’s music and live show was refreshing; just pure dedication to showcasing her music to a crowd of fans that have supported her from the beginning.

No crazy lights or costume changes, no keeping fans waiting, and no ego or drama, no pretention.  From start to finish, her set was a combination of entertainment and inspiration. Danileigh’s performance was a playful display of a person truly passionate about her craft, who is grateful and thrilled to share her art with her audience.

While the set was on the shorter side, it was full of fire and everyone at the Drake Underground felt that last song fade out with smiles on their faces.  But as we all knew, there was one track that hadn’t made the setlist yet, and you never leave before they turn the house lights on.  Within moments, Danileigh was back on that Drake stage with the familiar first licks of “Lil Bebe” filling all of our ears.  The crowd lost its collective mind, and we danced and bounced along with Danileigh until the last.

If you like what you’ve seen and read here then you’ll definitely like what you’ll hear.  Keep up with Danileigh through her website and socials, and listen/buy her music wherever you do those things for yourself.

Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly