Three Easy Ways to Keep Your Tech in Top Condition

Most of us would really struggle without our gadgets. Our laptops and computers, our smartwatches, tablets, gaming accessories and everything else we love to spend our money on- they’re such a big part of our everyday lives. So when they go wrong, it can be really worrying and frustrating. Sometimes they can fail for no reason, a manufacturing fault or other unknown issue. At other times, it’s our own mishandling of them or lack of care which causes them to break down. We all know we need to be gentle with our devices, but what else can we do to look after them?


Prevent them from getting too hot or cold

Extremes of temperature are bad news for fragile tech devices, it can cause battery issues and all sorts of other problems from diminished performance to total burnout. Modern laptops are good as they don’t get that hot like older models used to, so you can use them on your lap, bed or cushion for some times without overheating them. However, if it’s a long session or you’re using programs that use a lot of CPU then you do need to be careful. Put your laptop on something hard like a book or sit at a desk to stop it from getting too hot. Be careful of chargers too, if a blanket or dressing gown accidentally falls onto your laptop charger it can get so hot it will physically melt.


Put a case on them

Our devices are essentially portable little computers- take smartphones, tablets and smartwatches for example. They contain lots of delicate technology, and any major bumps are going to cause issues. Put a case on them, that way there’s some protection against dropping or bumping them. If you take your laptop out and about with you, purchase a proper laptop bag with enough padding inside to keep it safe. The last thing you want when you go to do some work at a coffee shop or arrive at your office is to realise you’ve cracked the screen! You can even find clear cases and covers for smartwatches and fitness trackers, a good idea since when these things are on your wrist, it’s so easy to knock them into things. Apple doesn’t actually recommend a case with their watch and states that it doesn’t need one. But if you’re particularly clumsy or want to be on the safe side, a clear case or a screen protector isn’t a bad idea. After all, it’s not indestructible!


Keep them running well

Ensuring you’re running the most recent software can help prevent security attacks with things like malware and viruses. Even simple things like emptying your recycle bin and clearing the cache can help you to get better performance. Search how to clear search history on Mac or Windows if you’re not sure. Glitches can occur over time, so having a ‘clear out’ is a small thing you can do that can be really helpful. Be careful downloading files and what you’re clicking on online, to prevent your computer from getting infected.




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