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For Canadians currently employed in a less than desirable job and who suffer from #MondayBlues every week, they may want to consider dusting off their resumes and applying for a position that will allow them to travel while only having the sole responsibility of reporting back on their adventure. Wishful thinking, you say? This dream job just became a reality. No, seriously. Read on.

Busabout, the free spirited travel expert, is currently looking for two travel addicts to send on a whirlwind journey through Europe this year for five (yes, 5) months – with all expenses paid including airfare to Europe, accommodations, a daily food allowance and a fee for successful completion of the position! Similar to Tourism Australia’s ‘Best Job in the World’ competition back in 2013, Busabout is seeking two dynamic travellers to embark on a trip of a lifetime and document it for everyone to see…and envy.

The dynamic duo will consist of a “brand ambassador” (acting as a de facto host) and a “video producer”. The successful applicants’ responsibilities will include:

  • Have the best time of their lives frolicking in Europe (from partying it up in Ibiza to sailing the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic coast, and everything else in between)
  • Produce regular travel-themed vlogs
  • Be on social media (such as Snapchat and Instagram)
  • Blog
  • Did we mention, have the most epic time of their lives on an all expenses paid extended vacation?

Applications for the job posting are currently being accepted until March 5th, 2017 at 11:59PM GMT and are open to everyone worldwide, including Canadians. Candidates can complete an online application form at For more details, please see below for the ‘job posting’ (aka. press release).


Every day Busabout (, the free-spirited travel expert, connects travellers from all over Canada to epic adventures worldwide. Through its uniqueHop-on Hop-off network in Europe, Busabout seeks to enrich the lives of guests with the choice of flexible travel. Neither a traditional tour nor a totally independent trip, Busabout’s Hop-on Hop-off network offers travellers the best of both worlds with the flexibility to experience Europe their way, the added support of door-to-door service, freedom to create a personalized itinerary, and a Busabout Guide and Driver. The brand’s modern coaches link up 46 of the best European destinations, allowing travellers to choose where they go and how long they stay at each place.

Busabout is currently seeking two dynamic travellers to join their team and embark on a trip of a lifetime in Europe this year with all expenses paid. The two (separate) positions will consist of a “Brand Ambassador/Host” and “Video Producer” and both will be responsible for producing regular travel-themed vlogs on YouTube, as well as documenting their adventures on Busabout’s social media networks (Snapchat, Instagram) and blog ( In addition, the travelling duo will have the best time of their lives journeying around Europe with Busabout throughout the season experiencing a range of the brand’s products – the full ‘Busabout experience’. This position reports directly to travellers worldwide. Busabout will accept applications until March 5th, 2017 at 23:59 GMT (3:59PM PST/4:59PM MST/5:59PM CST/6:59PM EST/7:59PM AST/8:29PM NST). Applicants can apply by visiting


  • Produce regular video blogs for Busabout’s YouTube channel (
  • Document their adventures on Busabout’s social media networks and blog including behind the scenes videos and travel diaries
  • Deliver briefed content within stipulated deadlines
  • Report regularly to the marketing department

Both positions

  • Must be 18 years old and over, and enjoy travelling as much as creating content
  • Successful applicants must ensure they have valid passports (or visas) for travelling in Europe for at least 180 days
  • Must be available to travel continuously between late April and late September 2017 (exact dates to be confirmed with the successful applicants)

Brand Ambassador/Host position

  • Engaging storyteller
  • History lover
  • Has a penchant for quirky facts
  • Has a knack for writing
  • Adventurer
  • A natural in front of the camera
  • Lover of social interaction
  • Social media junkie and savvy
  • Has an incurable travel addiction

Video Producer position

  • Sharp attention to detail
  • Proven video editing skills
  • Has a creative mind and eye
  • Has an out-of-the-box mentality
  • Possess good project management skills
  • Ability to meet tight deadlines
  • An absolute travel addict


  • A trip of a lifetime through Europe with Busabout: from idyllic strolls along the Seine, visiting ancient castles in the Czech Republic and claiming the top of Europe in the Swiss Alps to sailing the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic coast, island-hopping your way to the most stunning Greek sunset, partying it up in Ibiza and having a stein (or three) at Oktoberfest!
  • All travel expenses will be covered, including return airfare to Europe, accommodation costs, excursions and successful candidates will receive a daily allowance for food
  • Upon successful completion of the role, both ambassadors will receive a fee (amount to be confirmed at a later date)


Brand Ambassador/Host position

  • Tell Busabout why YOU are the right person for this job – be original!
  • Submit a YouTube video (max 3 min) about yourself and your favourite place – be creative!
  • Show off your social media skills with an Instagram post. Tag #busaboutambassador and @busabouteurope – prove your point!

Video Producer position

  • Tell Busabout why YOU are the right person for this job.
  • Submit a YouTube video (max 2 min) showcasing your location and editing skills!
  • List of gear and software – let Busabout know your tools!

For more information, visit Follow Busabout on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the #hopon hashtag



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