This is How I Helped Rid My Skin of Adult Acne

When you reach your mid twenties, you think the worst is behind you. Your blue eye shadow phase and overly plucked eyebrows perished with your teenage self, and thankfully puberty died with it too… Or so you thought.

Okay, so while adult acne isn’t exactly puberty, it doesn’t change the fact that having zits on your face in any shape or form sucks. When you’re an adult, you want and you expect your face to be clear and free of any blemishes or spots that you experienced in your angsty teenage phase. The good thing nowadays is that you can get treatment easily, products are available on every shelf and through trusty reviews such as the ones on With just one click you can order all the products you need immediately, which will allow you to start your skincare routine within days, all you have to do is stick to it until you see the desired results. My post puberty hell started around the age of twenty four and for the longest time it seemed like nothing stood a chance against those little buggers… But there is hope – trust me!

However, before I reveal what I did, I will start off by saying that this isn’t one of those “I cured my acne overnight articles.” In fact it’s still a work in progress, and it took a while to get my skin to where it is now, with relatively very little breakouts. It also took a combination of things – not one thing is going to rid of acne, but certain treatments (which I’ll explain) can speed up the process of resurfacing your skin.

First and foremost though, to achieve good skin you have to change your habits! Get more sleep, exercise more regularly, and eat a well balanced diet. I’m not saying you have to be a bodybuilder or cut out gluten, but just try to be kinder to your body… that’s all! It’s really not that hard.

And most importantly (well for me anyways) reduce stress. Whether it’s stretching, yoga, walking, cooking, or juggling apples (whatever helps you get out of your head), just find your fucking zen because stress will bring about the worst in your skin.

So once you change your habits, you might find like I did, that although my skin was getting better, it still seemed pretty congested. I felt as if I was doing all that I could internally, and that it was time to seek out professional help, so I went to Hand and Stone Spa in Etobicoke.

At first I wanted to get microdermabrasion… It’s the facial everyone seems to know about, and if you were as frustrated as I was, it’s natural to think the most abrasive treatment will work best. However, my mind was quickly changed when Denise, an esthetician and Dermalogica expert, suggested the LED facial.

If you’re now picturing a laser beam, zapping out zits, I can assure you it’s nothing of the sort. The LED facial is actually quite gentle; it combines thermal activity to optimize product penetration for rapid results. It can either use blue light to target deep cystic acne (what I had), or red light for signs of aging.

Unlike, microderm there’s no extraction that takes places so it’s amazing for sensitive, yet acne prone skin. The only abrasion that takes place, is a peel before the LED treatment. I personally was terrified of peels, but trusted Denise knew what she was doing.

The only discomfort during the peel is a prickly sensation that I found oddly satisfying; like it was making a deep, yet gentle impact on my skin. If you’re wondering the reason for the peel, it’s because it allows the LED therapy, which is performed after, to penetrate to the deepest layers of skin. A round hammer looking device is slowly maneuvered and rested over all areas of the skin. It simply sits there and emits light; you literally feel nothing.

The only disclaimer I’ll add, is that you may experience some peeling and flaking of the skin. After the first treatment, the acne affected areas were quite scaly for a few days as dead skin began to come off. Sounds gross, but I can assure you it’s what you want! Each treatment you’ll begin to notice less and less flaking as your skin begins to resurface.

To get the best results with the LED facial you have to do a series of treatments – anywhere from three to six, once a week, so it isn’t cheap costing $144.95 (nonmember) and $119.95 (spa member). While it may seem costly, it really does work, slowly resurfacing your skin, layer by layer, getting down to the deepest parts where acne or aging begins.

My last and final tip on ridding your skin of acne, is that your own skincare routine already has to be working. During the process of my LED treatments, I switched over primarily to all Dermalogica products, but also use Thayers Witch Hazel Toner and Niacinamide-Zinc serum from Deciem.

Check out my before and after photos:

While these products work for me, please remember that everyone’s skin is different! So stick to what is already working for you and only change what needs to be. Your esthetician at Hand and Stone Spa can be an amazing help in this area as well, so don’t be afraid to ask questions!

If you’re looking for more information on the LED Facial head to the And remember, acne is natural. Everyone gets it and even when you’re skin is behaving better, you’ll still likely get the odd hormonal zit.

At the end of the day, don’t sweat the small stuff!


Disclaimer: Prices may vary by Hand and Stone location