Thinking About A Career In Investment Banking?

If offering advice to clients on financial markets and understanding the ins and outs of business funding sounds interesting to you, then you may be interested in a career in investment banking.

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Make Sure It’s The Right Role For You

Unlike other finance roles, investment bankers usually come from a range of different backgrounds and will use many transferable skills to join other related roles further in their careers. They may even move into structuring post, trading, or research.

However, the people who find a career in investment banking and invest appealing often fit a particular personality profile. Someone who is looking for a demanding and sometimes stressful job.

Although working in investment banking can be challenging it can also be very lucrative. 


Choose Your Investment Banking Career

There are several different career options in investment banking, and although they may be similar, they do need slightly different skillsets. The best thing you can do is complete research into what each job role entails and what would be expected of you. A great way to do this is to become familiar with other investment bankers such as Investment Banker Adam Blumenthal.


Consider A Degree

Employers dedicate a fair amount of money to train their staff in the sector, and it’s certainly not a necessity to have a degree in finance if you want a role as an investment banker. However, you will find that a lot of investment banking jobs are tailored to graduates. Your degree doesn’t have to be in investment completely. In fact, many top investment institutions are now recruiting graduates who are completing studies in computer sciences and coding. This is because the technological world is forcing the investment banking world to change. 


Do An Internship

Many of the highest-ranking institutions offer a summer internship in investment banking. Some internships will enable you to learn key technical skills on transactions and deals for the company’s clients. Practical skills and on-the-job skills training give you an ideal grounding for a career investment banking. The best performing interns may even receive a full-time job offer when they complete their intern.

However, it’s essential to get the facts you need before you apply, you want to be able to make an informed decision. For this, you need to learn about the different opportunities available and choose the one the suits your interests the most. Watch some videos of employees sharing their stories, you will be able to get an idea of whether investment banking is for you. 


Attend Events And Network

You will find opportunities to speak to potential employers on-campus recruitment events, and you can also sign up for sessions through a career service. You may also fin virtual talks held online, these could provide you with day-to-day in the working life of an investment banker.

Meanwhile, you should also become well-connected with employers on platforms such as LinkedIn. Many people find jobs using social media, however, you need to be present for it to work. 


A career in investment banking can be interesting, however, you need to make sure it’s a career for you. Are you thinking about becoming an investment banker? What are you doing to get your career started? 




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