Think You Know UGG? Better Think Again

When we think of UGG, most of us probably think of their original boot, and thus we may write them off when it comes to selections outside winter comfort, but you may now know that UGG has expanded way past their original offering.

As I previewed their collection I noticed a wide array of boots, but I couldn’t help but notice some great selections in walking shoes, casual shoes and some great loafers. So, I had to examine further.

As I made my way through the collections, it’s apparent that you can get pretty much any look you like from Classic to All-Weather Boots, Slippers to Moccasins & Loafers, Desert Boots & Chukkas, to Sandals and Sneakers.

Since it’s now almost summer, we won’t be focusing on the boots for UGG, we will though be focusing on sneakers and loafers since we were able to find many styles that we loved.


The casual shoe


The “Cali Sneaker Low” is one of our fave styles of the collection. Not only are the classic and smart looking, but they also offer amazing comfort and cushion which really sets them apart from the average casual men’s shoe.

With premium materials, California construction and responsive cushion, they babies are sure to not only have you looking great, but your feet will also be very happy with the choice you made, and since they are well made, they will last you through the seasons, making them a much better investment than their more disposable counterparts.


The Walking Shoe


A good walking shoe should offer two things: It should be lightweight, and super comfortable.

Let’s face it, we have all been out and about and walking around through the day in the wrong shoes, and as the days go on, your feet feel like they are being whittled down step by step as you somehow find the energy to continue on. A little dramatic? Yes. A place we’ve all been? Also, yes.

So, it pays to really have an array of shoes that fit your lifestyle, for me, a single man living in the city, I do a ton of walking and as such, I need a few great pair of walking shoes and that’s where the “Feli HyperWeave 2.0 Sneaker from UGG came into my life.

As I looked through their shoes they super lightweight and flexible shoes peaked my interest and through testing I can tell you they are crazy lightweight and fairly comfortable, and even after a half day of walking, my feet still felt pretty great, also, due to the wave, my feet kept cool as I went along my merry way.


The standout loafer


Each summer over the last 5 years I look for and get one pair of loafers. Great for both summer here in the city, a day out in the country or a little – sorry – a lot of time spent in Mexico, the loafer is the way to dress up your look with ZERO effort, and unlike the typical dress shoe, loafers are so much more breathable and comfortable, especially in warmer weather.

The Henrick Stripe Perf Driver in Pacific Blue in the perfect addition for summer as it’s breathable, ultra comfortable (maybe the most cushioned loafers I’ve ever worn) and they are super stylish, especially in the vibrate and bright blue.


Great shoes for chilling, excellent styles for walking, classic and colourful loafers, aren’t you glad I let you know of all the new things that UGG have on offer? Your wallet may not be too happy, but you have your feet sure will be, and honestly, at really great price points, your wallet will let you get away with this one.

Happy shoe shopping!






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